Monday, June 24, 2013

From the Sidelines to the Starting Line

We started off the month of June by heading to San Diego to watch our friends run the SD Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon. Elijah and Adelle were kind enough to house this whole brood at their house for the weekend.

Outside the Race Expo at the San Diego Convention Center

This was our first time bringing Emily along on one of trips to San Diego. She did exceptionally well on the long flights there and back. It was a little more rough on me, between our late night flight there and the time change, I spent quite a bit of the weekend napping.
We ate a gluttonous amount of Vietnamese, Korean BBQ, and sushi, and took Emily to see the seals at the Children’s Pool and dip her toes in the Pacific while we were there.

Seals at the Children's Pool

First time dipping her toes in the Pacific

On race day, it was a little bittersweet watching the runners pour into the finishers' chute. I still have fond memories from when we ran this race 2 years ago. However, I didn’t think it would be an enjoyable experience trying to lumber through it in my current state though. It was still fun to be part of the festivities, and a motivator to be there again. Hopefully next year?

Congrats to Elijah, Kurt, and Brent on a great races! And thank you again to Elijah and Adelle for being awesome hosts (as always).
Seconds to the finish line. Sorry EJ, that's the best pic I got.

Our gracious hosts and Emily's new BFF Norah

Even though 13.1 is too much for me to tackle right now, I can still plod my way through a 5k. The following weekend I decided to go for it since Mr.Blondie was home and I could have the morning to myself.
It was another small race with only 120 runners total, but everyone looked fit and intimidating. By that, I mean a lot of ladies looking cute in just sports bras and little running shorts.

I ran my little race, felt good, and only had to walk a couple times when I got to the top of a hill. I took a little break to drink some water and headed to the gym. Averaging a pace of 9:04/mi, I figured it was safe to leave as soon as I was done in order to make the 9:15 spin class.

Apparently looking fit and trim in your running gear doesn’t necessarily mean you’re Speedy McSpeedster. But I can still be completely envious of you for pulling off just a sports bra and running shorts so well.

Somehow I was 1st in the 3-34 age group when the results were posted later.

Normally I’d let it go, but I swung by later to pick up my medal. It’s a nice momento to have for the baby book.
Since I don't have 17.5 fingers, we'll round to 4 months here

Blurry glamour shot for the blog courtesy of my 4 yr-old

Doing my best to keep on keeping-on for as long as the bump allows. And enjoying the races from both perspectives.