Sunday, December 2, 2012

Respectable 5K & Thankful Day

When we stayed with our friends Kurt and Krysti for the Soldier Marathon, naturally we talked a lot about running. Somehow during the conversation, we managed to con convince them to join us for a Turkey Trot couple weeks later.

I didn’t have any goals in mind for this race. It was my first run in the 10 days since the marathon, and I was still battling some extensor tendonitis in my left foot. I probably should have sat the whole thing out, but my competitive side always gets the best of me.

I was figuring I’d finish somewhere in the 22-23 minute range, so I was pleasantly surprised….. Anything below 21 minutes is a pretty good time for me, and I finished with an official time of 20:46. Despite what the photographic evidence shows, it didn’t feel completely dreadful either. Guess I was still riding the tail-end of the marathon training wave.

Always the bridesmaid, I finished 2 overall female by just a hair.

5k's are never cute

This was Krysti's first 5k road race ever, over half of which she did pushing her son. She claims she hates running, but she's coming around. Girl's got a real competitive side.

After I finished, I looped back to meet up with Krysti, and took over the stroller duties for her so she could really race it in.

No, I didn't just snatch some random kid...

Posing with the 2nd place finisher for the 30-34 age group

Mr. Blondie did the 1 mile race with Emily. She’s not even 4 years old yet, and they finished in just under 15 minutes. More importantly, she said she had fun! I’m so proud of my little turkey.

Since the race was near our house, which meant a super-early wake-up for them. After the race everyone came back to our house. And we spent the rest of the day in a cooking, eating, napping cycle. It was perfect.

Kurt and Krysti are transplants to Georgia as well, and they were going to be on there own as well.

In the early years, we would try to visit our all our family members during the holidays, in an attempt to make everyone happy. In the end, we would end up stressed-out and exhausted. Now we’ve all come to the same agreement……when traveling is your job, that’s the last thing you want to be doing on your holiday. We’re very fortunate we can visit as often as we do during the year, but everyone needs a little down time at home too.

I’m very thankful for our adoptive families here in Georgia. Our holidays are still overflowing with laughter and fellowship.

I broke out the good china and candlesticks to dress up our tiny little kitchen table.

 lthough our Thanksgiving didn’t fit the traditional image, I couldn’t have asked for better day.

Overall: 20/886
Women: 2/516
AG (30-34): 1/76
Chip time: 20:46