Tuesday, May 15, 2012

North for the Weekend

It was another jam-packed weekend for us, but filled with lots of fun and family time. We got the weekend started early on Friday. While everyone else slept in, I headed out for a long run. Then I roused the troops, and we piled into the car for a drive up to the North Georgia mountains.

Two of our friends were finally getting married after dating for 12 years. There were plenty of jokes about that. It was an intimate affair, so we felt kind of special to be included (Mr. Blondie has known the groom since flight school).

This was our first time visiting any of the wineries in the area, and we were really impressed. Of course was the bride gorgeous, and the scenery was quite beautiful as well. The catering and wine were also terrific.

We spent the night nearby, then met up with some other friends of ours to go hiking the next day. Normally we go to Amicalola or Tallulah Falls, so we decided to try something different. Desoto Falls isn’t quite as impressive in scale, but it was pretty and the walk to the falls was an easy one that Emily could handle.

When we stumbled upon this place just down the road, we had to go in.

For $9.95 per person, you get a pan of river silt to “pan” with. You also get a 5 gallon pail of sand that you sift through with a metal screen to find the raw gemstones mixed in. Not a bad deal for a couple hours of entertainment.

Our other newlywed friends

I wanted to surprise my mom for Mother’s Day. This was going to be a tough one for her since this would be the first without my grandmom. So Mr. Blondie dropped me and Emily off at the airport on the way home from hiking (he had to work the next day), and we caught the last flight of the night to New Jersey.

Emily did remarkably well. I thought she was going to be overtired and really cranky, but she was great. I guess telling her “If you don’t behave, we’ll get right back on the next plane and go home” gave her something to think about :) It’s not a completely idle threat.

My brother and sister-in-law helped facilitate everything by picking us up at the airport. We stayed at their place for the night and then met up with my parents in the morning for brunch. Yep, it was a mushy, tearful scene when we walked in. She was completely surprised, and I was happy I was able to do it.

We spent about 3 hours lingering over brunch, then it was right back to the airport so we could make it home early enough to prepare for the week. Fortunately by the time we made it to the airport we didn't have to wait long for our flight. Emily's new found treasures from the day before provided plenty of entertainment while we waited at the gate and also once on board.

I still need a few days to recover from it, but it was a great weekend. I hope all you had a special Mother's Day as well!


  1. That is so neat you were able to surprise your mom like that!! Happy Mother's Day to you too! :)