Monday, May 7, 2012

Final Dublin Outakes and Int'l Marathoning?

Dublin was our top choice from the beginning, but in the days leading up to the trip, I started seeing news about the London Marathon which would be taking place that weekend. Of course that sparked my interest, and got me researching what other races might be taking place in Europe.

Alas, we were a day late and a dollar short. If we'd been able to leave one day earlier, we could have gotten to Madrid in time for the Rock n Roll Marathon, or Switzerland for the Zurich Marathon. I'm still kind of bummed over that. (Ok, on my 30 miles a week, it have been sloooow but I'm sure I could have finished. It would have been quite the experience.)

Needless to say, since then I've been mildly totally obsessed with the idea of squeezing in an international race sometime this year. The Lisbon, Portugal RnR on September 30th would work perfectly as a tune up a race before the NYCM. Going back to Brussels for the ING Brussels Marathon on October 10th is also a strong possibility.

Mr. Blondie initially vetoed the idea, as he didn't think it was a good idea for me to run two marathons that close together. However, both those races offer the half option. He's cool with the idea of me running a half. Getting his a-ok is the toughest part:)

In our world, September is still a long way off to be planning a trip, so we'll see how things go in next few months. However when I set my sights on doing a race, I'm not easily deterred.....

If you've traveled internationally for a race, how'd it work out?

And to wrap up the Dublin talk, here are a few more highlight pics (and a few from the bloopers real too).

Sampling a full Irish breakfast

Couldn't suppress my gag reflex enough to take more than one tiny bite of the black and white puddings (those hockey puck type things near the eggs) but couldn't get enough of those scones.

Then a bus tour through the city and along the coast to Powerscourt House Botanical Garden.

Probably breaking some rules, but it was a cool tree...

Pet Cemetery. Not sure what to say about that.


Some more wandering about. We walked a lot.

The best Bailey's coffee ever and Smarties cookies to end the day. Who says no to that?

So long Dublin, it was fun!


  1. I would love to travel for races someday when our kids are older. I figure it will be a great excuse to travel to new places!

  2. I'd love to do an international race someday too! I have a friend that ran the Dublin Marathon, it's in October I think.
    Ok, now I'm all sad about the dachshund that died at 7 years old. Please tell me I'm going to have more than 5 more years with Clyde!!

  3. You would rock the international race for sure! That's a good goal. Your hair is so long, I love it. sniff sniff about the pet cemetery.

  4. I am so jealous that you have the option to do an international race at the drop of a hat! Makes me wish I had a pilot family member! Good luck choosing! I definitely want to do one at some point in my life, but I'm not sure how it will ever come to fruition. Neat pics from Dublin!

  5. Better diets and modern medicine, everyone's living a lot longer these days. I think he's got a lot of good years left in him :)

    The Dublin marathon is the first one I looked up! Unfortunately, it's on October 28th, one week before NYC. What did your friend think about it?

  6. They had hamsters, miniture ponies, all sorts of crazy stuff dating back to 1700's. And they think people are crazy about their pets nowadays....

  7. My daughter Irish dances and we hope to go there someday through her dancing.

    Wonderful opportunity and great pics!

  8. I am traveling to Stockholm in less than two weeks for my first international marathon! I'll have to let you know how it goes when I get back!

    Super excited.