Thursday, April 26, 2012

Girls' Overseas Getaway

I met my friend Melissa a couple years ago through an internet message board ( Isn’t that how everyone meets these days? :)

We instantly clicked, as realized we have much more in common than just our husbands' profession. In the time that we’ve known each other, her entire family has kindly welcomed us into their lives, providing us with a new “home away from home” in Atlanta.

While having Easter dinner at their house a couple weekends ago, the question came up in conversation “Why haven’t you girls taken any getaway-type trips before?” Her husband is a pilot at the same company as Mr.Blondie, so we have the same travel benefits after all.

Well, you don’t need to ask us twice. The next day vacation requests were submitted, childcare was arranged, and we were surfing the internet for possible destinations.

Our travel dates were set, but the destination…not so much. All we knew was that we wanted to go somewhere in Europe. Like previous trips, we’d just pack a bag and make the game time decision of exactly where to go once we were at the airport.

It looked like we’d have more options to Europe if we left out of JFK instead of Atlanta, so we got an early start on Sunday morning and headed up to NY. We ate a nice lunch near Times Square and did some window shopping. We had more than a good laugh or two people watching as we killed some time wandering around NYC.

Thank you Steve Jobs for this life changing device.

All the while, we eagerly kept checking flight loads on our iPhones, as that would ultimately dictate where we’d end up going later that night. We made our way to JFK around 5:00, with our top 3 choices in mind:

1) Dublin
2) Nice, France
3) Madrid

At 9:00 our ride pulled up.

We called our husbands to let them know exactly where we were going, and then we were on our way......
Champagne in hand of course. This was the start of a girls' weekend afterall.....


  1. That sounds like SO much fun. I love that you went to the airport without knowing where you were going. You are living my dream,Lady. Have fun! :)

  2. I love this idea! How cool that you can be spur of the moment like that and make a choice from awesome locations! Can't wait to hear more.

  3. How fun! I cant wait to hear more.

  4. Wow, fun! I still can't get over how you can just randomly take a flight anywhere at any time and it's no big deal. Crazy. I think the type A planner in me would probably go nuts if I had to do that. Ha! But it sounds like so much fun. Now I have to know where you went...

  5. OMG I am so jealous!!! Can't wait to hear all about your exciting girls getaway!

  6. I love this free form vacationing style! Sounds like such a thrill!

  7. Nice! I saw an instagram picture over the weekend from you - I saw where you were, but I won't tell since you haven't revealed yet!! I'm quite jealous of your jetsetting adventures!