Saturday, March 10, 2012

Quick Eurotrip

Last week was a light mileage week (and consequently, the start of this week as I was recovering)

My workouts looked like this:

Sunday: 8mi run (1:04:44, 8:05/mi)
Monday: 9mi run (1:15:02, 8:20/mi)
Tuesday: 4mi run in the rain (32:53, 8:11/mi) moved inside for 2.5mi treadmill (@7.0, 1% incline) 15 mins elliptical
Total: 23.5 miles run, 15 xt

I have a good reason though, so let's get to the good stuff. We decided to use the last few days of Mr. Blondie’s vacation to take a quick trip.

It was a whirlwind time. We were on a mission to cover as much ground as possible.

Originally we’d talked about doing something tropical. However as the date got closer, I couldn’t shake the desire to do something more adventurous. On Monday, we surveyed our direct flight options of out of JFK. Amsterdam, Prague, and Brussels all piqued our interest.

Wednesday morning we played the eenie, meenie, miny, moe game. Amsterdam. Yes, Amsterdam it would be.

On our way to the airport, we stopped at Barnes & Noble to pick up a travel guide. Rick Steves' did us well in Spain last year, we were counting on him to guide us again this time.

We met up with my inlaws in NY to drop Emily off, then boarded a 4pm flight out of JFK to Amsterdam.

We cracked open the guide book and started plotting our plan of attack on the flight. The travel guide also included info about Belgium. After reading it was only a 3 hour train trip to Brussels, and another 45 minutes to Bruges, we’d decided to do them all.

We landed at 6am Thursday morning (Amsterdam time), and the race was on!

7:45am: Walk to a small hotel recommended by the book. No one is there yet. Wait until someone rolls in around 8. Check in.

9:00am: Rent bicycles. You’re not really experiencing the city unless you do it by bicycle, so says Rick.

10:00am: After many wrong turns, navigate our way to the Van Gogh museum. Great time of year to go, no line or crowds.

1pm: Sit down at a café to have lunch. Spend an exorbitant amount to have tasty, but euro-tiny, baguette sandwiches and espressos. Thank you weak dollar.

2pm: Tour the floating Flower Market. Marvel over the million different varieties of tulips and seeds.

4pm: Visit the Anne Frank House.

I thought this was absolutely fascinating. Seeing the conditions they lived in, along with other artifacts from the holocaust up close….it’s even more mind blowing that something like this took place.

6pm: Canal boat tour around the city.

8pm: Fulfill our curiosity and quickly stroll through the Red Light district.

9pm: Dinner at Japanese Pancake World. Not classic Dutch cuisine, but still something new to us.

Could've used those chopstick to prop my eyelids open

11pm: Pass out in bed

Our alarms would be going off again very shortly……


  1. Looks amazing! Far better choice than something tropical IMO.

  2. HOW FUN!

    The last time you guys went on a trip like this (decided where to go when you got to the airport) I told my husband that we absolutely had to do the same thing one day!

    I laughed out loud at the condom photo - I bet that was an interesting neighborhood to explore!

  3. That looks like SO much fun! Rick Steve is awesome - he was a big help in Italy. Wasn't the Anne Frank House incredible? I was shocked to see what the space actually looked like.

  4. So cool that you guys can do impromptu trips like that!

  5. We really need to start doing stuff like this, you guys are my heros...

  6. Fabulous, fabulous. You guys really know how to enjoy and explore. I'm sure a pilot husband brings a lot of challenges, but at least the travel perks are good. :-)

  7. I agree with Brittney, we need to do this too...except even WITH tickets (didn't non rev), I still had to do a 1/4 mile sprint through the international terminal at ATL. I was thinking about you as we landed but once we made our connection, I was concentrating on not heaving on the plane. I'm a long and slow runner, not a sprinter. Especially not when carrying an over stuffed backpack and a roller board. :)

  8. Yes, do it now! I regret not taking advantage of the travel benefits more often when we were first married.

    Even without airfare, the costs do start to add up quickly though. Does Greg mostly fly domestic or does he do international stuff too? That would be perfect if you could tag along.

  9. It was really dark and cramped. Aside from being stir-crazy I couldn't help thinking how sickly they must have being so shut in.

  10. Haha, the ATL airport will give you a workout, that's for sure!

    My mom said she wanted to do a trip like this with us in the fall. I'm thinking, mom, you have no idea...... She's they type of person who needs every detail planned months in advanced. Can't imagine her running through a train station with a backpack.

  11. This looks so fun!! I wish I could jet off to Europe for a few nights. I miss it so much.

  12. adventurous is definitely how I would classify this one. Awesome!!