Monday, February 6, 2012

Home Gym Trifecta

After the busy holiday season, and traveling for Ragnar, I was just feeling rather bleh the rest of January. It wasn’t a bad month, it was just uneventful. I had a lingering cold that completely sapped my energy for about a week and a half, and we had nothing on the agenda aside from routine stuff at home.  I wasn’t feeling much inspiration for blogging, so I didn’t.

Speaking of routine stuff, we finally talked some cleaning projects we’ve been putting off. The previous residents left some crazy crap behind in the attic. We had TWO pick-up trucks worth of junk to take to the dump. We found things like their bankruptcy paperwork (um, yeah they filed once I the 90’s and then AGAIN in 2007….and what exactly do you buy for over $100K at places like Macy’s, Dillards and Best Buy? No joke, those were 3 of their main creditors).

Also things like family death certificates, journals, adult VHS tapes from like 1982 (totally ick), and tons of other stuff covered in sensitive personal information.

With their credit situation, maybe they weren’t too worried about anyone wanting to steal their identity anymore? I don’t know. It was some weird stuff I would’ve wanted to keep private if I were them.
So what do you do after you clean out your house? You bring new junk in of course. Well, Mr. Blondie may beg to differ, but I don’t think this is junk at all.

So I’ve put my grandiose vision of learning to cycle “for real” on the back burner for now, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to buy a used spin bike when I saw a friend looking to get rid of his.

She might not be pretty, but she works perfectly, and is all mine now.

I did my research, and refurbished this bike goes for about $600-800. So for $200, i thought this was a fair deal for a third-hand bike.

Lucky #13 here started off life as a fitness center bike.

My friend had swapped out the pedals long ago to work with his cycling shoes. Since I don’t have cycling shoes, I stopped at Performance Bicycles on my way home to see if I could buy toe cages for the pedals.
Well, when I got to the store I told the salesperson swayed me away from the toe cages and showed me a pair mountain biking shoes on clearance for $40 that would work better.

And once you have shoes, then you need the cleats. If you’re paying $25 for just the cleats, then you might as well pay $40 for the cleats/pedals combo right?

The pedals have seen better days, so I was down with that logic.

This sports equipment stuff is a slippery slope.

So $285 later I still think this was a deal. If I use it great, if I don’t then I won’t feel too guilty. I like having another cross-training option at home though.

It doesn’t look like it, but it weighs a TON. I lightly scratched my car bumper wrestling it out of the trunk, and I’m most likely going to lose a toenail from setting it down on my foot as I dragged it into the garage.
We’re not quite sure how we’re going to get it up the second floor, but eventually it'll join the treadmill and elliptical in our gym/office/guestroom. And unlike the previous owners, we'll be normal people and take it back down when we move out the house too.
So have you ever found anything crazy while cleaning out a closet or storage area?

Are there any podcasts or videos you could recommend for indoor cycling workouts?


  1. Josh swears by the Sufferfest videos - they leave him on the verge of puking every time he does one, haha!

  2. That is weird that they left all that stuff behind. Thankfully i haven't had to deal with anything like that. I would be super nosy and go through all their stuff though.

  3. That's an awesome deal! Those thing are SO heavy though - you got it out of your car alone?! You're a beast, my friend. In a good way. :)

  4. After 5 years living in my condo I found a little black book on top of a n air duct in the basement. It had exactly 2 phone numbers in it. We also found one of those Elvis clocks that was supposed to have his legs swinging to the time but his legs were missing. Weird. LOVE the spinning bike! Once I have space for a real home gym, I'll have to be on the lookout for a used spin bike!

  5. oh that Mr. Blondie... he doesn't know a good deal when he sees one! The cleats and shoes will get you every time.

  6. Haha, what a lame little black book. Guess he/she wasn't much of a player. Yeah, that Elvis clock sounds creepy.

  7. People are so strange! The weirdest I heard of was in my home town a guy bought a house & thought this place looks like it has a second floor....and it did. An entire other house completely untouched since WW1 or something like that.

    Good luck with the new training endeavor!

  8. podcasts - Cut the Fat, Fat 2 Fit, Jillian Michaels, the Nutrition Diva, and one that's a little different, but kind of funny to me, NPRs Car Talk.

    I need some new options for podcasts so please let me know what you find.

    there we some papers in the attic of our house, but we just trashed them. I guess we should have investigated to see what secrets were in the attic.....

  9. Adult videos....ewwwww. I'm still wondering if they just forgot they had stuff up there. That is just bizarro!

  10. Have fun with the new bike! Looks like a great deal for. $200 ( or $285 :-)

  11. That's awesome!!! My friend was telling me about some fun workouts to simulate a course. I'll ask her about them. That's crazy what you found in the attic!

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