Thursday, February 23, 2012

Coincidence (10K Race Recap)

My official finish time for the race I ran on Saturday was 43:54. That’s EXACTLY the same finish time of my New Year’s Day race. Crazy right? Especially considering my mile splits were all over the place again.

Well, before I get to that, let’s backup a minute.  Run the Reagan is actually a festival of races. There’s a 5K, 10K, and half marathon to choose from. I wanted to run this half marathon last year, but it just didn’t fit with the husband’s schedule.

Really my only goal for the year is this, and I don't have intentions of doing much else.

 Hopefully having a schedule free of races will quell my desire to push the pace on I know it's counter productive, and yet I can't resist.
But the Mr. happens to be on vacation this month.  It’s not often I get a Saturday morning to myself, so  I decided take advantage of the opportunity. Just one little race couldn't hurt....
With the mileage I’ve been running, I would have been fine physically to run the half marathon this year, but psychologically, I just wasn't feeling it.  In fact, the 10k was more distance than I felt like tackling.

This looked to be a decent sized event, and a short, sweet 5k sounded good. I haven’t raced one on my own since last September, so that’s what I registered to run.

As I was figuring out the race logistics early last week, I realized the 5k wasn’t scheduled to start until 11:00! Somehow I’d overlooked that important detail. Plus, the venue was an hour drive each way. I wanted to have a morning to myself, but I didn’t want to kill half the day being away from home. I emailed the race director and he was kind enough to switch my registration to the 10K which started at 9:15.

Like I mentioned before, I was excited for the 5k. The 10k required a lot of pep talk to get me out the door. It was forecasted to be a rainy weekend, so the night before I gave myself an “out”. If it was raining when I woke up I wasn’t going to go.
Nope the weather was perfect. Low 50’s and overcast. I got suited up, grabbed my waffles with peanut butter, and shuffled out the door.

My plan was to go out at 7:05 for the first mile, then 7:00 for the 2nd and 3rd, then give it everything I had for the final 3.

Nope that didn't happen. U-G-L-Y.

The course was a straight out-and-back. The first half of the course was slightly downhill, meaning we had a climb back to the finish line. Knowing this, I consoled myself the fast start was ok, and it was good to have the time in the bank for the way back.

I was passed by one woman around mile 2 and another one shortly after the turn-around.

Watching my pace slowly creep up was a big confidence crusher.  I should really retire the Garmin when I race. My best races seem to be the ones where I didn’t have it. However, I had both the women who had passed me locked in my cross-hairs. They were my motivation to keep going.

Around mile 4, I passed the first woman who had passed me. She didn’t put up a fight. I passed the second woman in the last half mile. We played leap frog for a bit, but I was able to open up a 10 second gap on her by the end.

Official time 43:54. The same time I ran on New Year’s Day after staying up past midnight drinking champagne.

So I went from not caring about my 10k time and doing it for fun, to feeling like I should’ve done better and wanting a do-over. I’m now signed up to run another local 10K this Saturday in a second attempt at a better race.

That’s the problem with having Type A personality. Your greatest nemesis is yourself.

I was still quite happy to leave with a new little trinket though.

Chip time: 43:54
Pace: 7:04/mi
Overall: 26/711
Gender: 3/367
AG: 1/49


  1. Congrats on your age group win! Speedy McSpeederson! :)

  2. Thanks Amber :)

  3. Congrats!!! You crack me up - you're like a cheetah talking about passing that woman and her not putting up a fight. Love it. :)

  4. You realize you are your own worse enemy right? hahah! You compete with yourself, I love it! I can't remember, have you ever done a full marathon? I signed up for Team In Training a couple of times and didn't get to really train, but they always promised, a non-runner can run a full marathon. I always wondered if that were true...

  5. Congrats on to placing well even if you weren't stoked about how you raced. To a slow poke like me, that pace just seems ridiculous to me for a 10K!

  6. Wow, you're incredible! love that you are going to beat your time this weekend. You had a great time! I love your finish line picture too and snickers shirt. I need one of those. Congrats!

  7. Oh good time! I am slalom, and I'm fine with that, not a natural athlete by any stretch just the fact that I run at all is amazing!
    I love my garmin, but maybe more naturals is a good idea for racing?

  8. Thanks Natalie. When I look at the splits I get down on myself for not pushing harder, especially miles 4 and 5. Wish I'd given it more there. Still happy to have placed though :)

  9. I've done 6, but the most recent one was almost 4 years ago and pre-Emily. We shall see how it all unfolds....

    You should check out Amber's blog She's big into TnT

  10. My race times are oddly similar to each other too. For a long time, my 10K PR was exactly double to my 5K PR!

  11. Congrats on an awesome race! I definitely know what you mean about going in on a fun run, and then being disappointed for not getting a better time. :) I also appreciated your comments on runtothefinish, I had similar experiences and sentiments.

  12. Nice work, and congrats on the great placing! So does this mean you're all signed up for NYC??

  13. Way to go!!! Is the race you're signed up for the Intown? Traci & I are running that one!

  14. Yep, registered and eager to go!

  15. Pilot wife and running mom here ;) Just came across your blog and wanted to say hi!! If you don't mind I'm pinning your blog on my pinterest under fav running blogs!