Monday, February 27, 2012

1st Race of my 31st Year

So I decided to take advantage of having the hubby around more than usual by running a 5k for fun this month. If you were gifted with an extra few hours to yourself, that’s what you’d chose to do right?


But then my competitive side took over, and it turned into me running two 10k races on back to back weekends.


Anyway, this week’s race left me feeling more satisfied than last week, and I’m glad I came out for it. I didn’t place, or even get a PR, yet I’m still very pleased with how it went.

I ran smart (well, smarter than usual anyway) and finished feeling STRONG. Totally the opposite of last week race, when I thought I was going to drop after finishing.

The Charles Harris Run is a popular 10K in Atlanta. It’s a point-to-point race with an overall net-downhill, so and draws a lot of runners looking to establish a good seed-time for the Peachtree Road Race.

The set-up is a little different for this one, as you park at the finish line and they shuttle you to the start. I got there a little later than I’d hoped, and only had time for a quick 2 laps around the school track before the race started. The temp was just creeping up past 40 degrees at this point, so at least I was able to defrost my blood a little bit.
I was able to give a quick hello to Kristy and Jaime as everyone was milling around before the start. Then I found Lee, and settled in next to her at the starting line.

I love how the blogging community has turned into a real life one now. It’s added incentive to show up when you know you’re going to have familiar faces there to greet you.

We chatted for a few minutes as I went through my standard pre-race dance of tightening my shoelaces and adjusting my ipod a billion times. Then we were off!

I guess we were a little farther back then I thought because it took few seconds to get moving, and then there was a bunch of bobbing and weaving to be done for the first half mile or so. Despite what felt like a slow start, it was actually a perfect first split, 6:49.


Around mile 4, I caught up to Kristy, who was already blazing the way to a new PR for herself. I tried to utter hi, but was sucking too much wind to get anything out. Instead I just spooked her by tapping her on the shoulder and giving a thumbs-up.

We had been mostly going up and down rolling hills to this point, and I was able to maintain a relatively even pace for those. Then just when you need it, mile 5 has a nice, long downhill for you. Still feeling like I had fuel in the tank, I was really able to take advantage of it.

As you turn the corner at the bottom of that hill, you’re met with two more small uphills. They look innocent enough on the elevation map, but they make you dig deep one last time before the finish.

I was so focused on the finish line, but about 40 feet before we crossed, all of a sudden I was like “Hey a ponytail!” I realized there was a girl just a few steps in front of me and I gave it all I had to pass her, and finish with an official time of 42:54.

After taking in a few swigs of water I headed out and ran an additional 5 miles for a cool down. I wanted to hit 35 miles for the week.

You can’t be in racing shape year round, and you’re just asking for a world of problems if you try to tell yourself otherwise. I feel satisfied with this performance, and that I ran it to the best of my current ability. This was just what I needed to get the some competitiveness out of my system, so I can focus on basebuilding until August when official marathontraining starts. At the ripe old age of 31, I hope to have some more PR’s ahead.

How do you define a successful race?

I was happy to finish feeling strong, but I have to give a shout-out to Lee, Kristy, and Jaime who all rocked it with sizeable PR’s J

Official time: 42:54
Pace: 6:55/mi
Overall: 138/948
Gender: 27/367
AG: 7/59


  1. I think this is all great. You guys are very inspiring. I find it fascinating how you have every stat recorded. This really makes me want to give it a go at some point.

  2. great splits, well executed! My 10K in Sept was 42:54 too:):) good job girl!

  3. Naturally! A successful race for me is any race where I don't die. Kidding. Sort of. I will define a successful full marathon as when I don't cry somewhere between 17 and 22. Still working on that goal... :) Congrats on a great race. "Hey, a pony tail!" That cracked me up.

  4. Great job! I have no doubt that you'll continue to set PRs. I've set most of mine since I've been in my 30s.

  5. Nice run and great picture! Charles Harris is my favorite 10k. I think I just like running down Lawrenceville Hwy for some reason (I have no idea why...).

  6. Speedy!! I'd love to be able to run a 10K w/ sub-7's!! Nice job.

  7. Congrats on an amazing race! Well done! I love your tights :)

  8. Hi! Thanks for visiting me (my blog) the other day.
    "How do you define a successful race? " -- For me (not being a racer), I define a successful anything as not giving up. I really liked how you felt strong and happy about how your race went.

    You mentioned your hubby has been home more often -- mine, too (also commercial pilot)! I haven't caught up on your posts about it (or if you did post about it), but I notice it has been so challenging to get anything done with him home. I've really had to force myself to pretend he's not there (and I had to speak to him about how his being home -- although great -- is disrupting to routines). It took me a while to be able to workout in front of him. :)

  9. Great race! I'm super excited to see what you can pull off in a marathon with proper training!

  10. great job ! glad you were happier with the ending :) love your race pics you always look so cute.

  11. I love how happy you look in your race picture! I am super impressed by your time. And that you ran 2 10ks over consecutive weekends! You're so inspirational.

  12. Nice race! Can't believe you didn't place with a time like that, but I see it was a large race. 35 mpw is impressive base training :-)

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