Friday, December 16, 2011

Safety First

Hey kids! Hope everyone finished up their online shopping. Today was your last chance to order in time for Christmas without paying for expedited shipping.

I made up for lost time and completed most of my shopping this week. There were just a couple more things I needed to order. Something skimpy and attention getting….

Mr. Blondie, if you’re reading you’ll want to stop right here.

First I ordered two of this little number. What’s sexier than some personal safety equipment?

There's less than 3 weeks until to go until we run the Ragnar Florida Keys. Don’t ask me why since only one person will be running at a time, but every member of our team needs to have their own vest.

Mr. Blondie joked that he’d swipe a couple the next time he was in Canada (they’re required to wear reflective vests when they do the walk-around to inspect the plane). However the Canadian authorities would probably frown upon that, so best we buy our own :)

Also in my order, two of these guys. Nothing says I’m sexy and I know it, like putting a flashing LED light on your butt.

Come and get it

We also need headlamps, but I think we might have some working ones with our camping gear. Remind me to check on that....

I plan to wrap everything up and put it under the tree. I’m sure they’ll be the highlight of Mr. Blondie’s Christmas morning (pun intended). I don’t think his reaction will top these kids though. Have you seen this yet? I challenge you not to crack-up.

On the fitness front:

I’ve been feeling a little wonky this week. I haven’t had an appetite which is so unlike me, and I’ve been getting bad stomach cramps after eating. Emily's told me her stomach hurt a few times too. It's probably some daycare bug. I took it easy with only two early morning workouts.

Tuesday: 5 miles treadmill (@7.0, 1% incline), 25 mins elliptical

Thursday: 4 miles treadmill (@7.5, 1% incline), 20 mins elliptical

To make up for the shortcomings of this week, the plan is to run at least 8 miles with the stroller tomorrow morning and then do a spin class/run combo on Sunday. Mr. Blondie has a nice stretch of days off until the end of the month, so hopefully I'll get to more of my beloved spin classes than usual this week. My gym bag is packed already! Oh the things that excite me.

Are there any odd unique gifts you bought for someone this year?


  1. We actually ended up using all our 12 vests b/c Ragnar requires that any runner outside the van during night hours must be wearing a vest. Even if you're not running. I think it was a new rule in 2011.

  2. Safety is always sexy. :) I am getting my husband a much brighter light set for his bike - I can't imagine how excited he will be about that. Ha.

    And that video is hilarious. I told all the people in my Friday morning body conditioning class about it (they all have kids). One lady said she would do that to her kids during their drive down to Florida. I really really hope she does...

  3. I saw that video the other day - hilarious! Not quite as good as the halloween candy one, but still pretty great. The last kid - OMG!

  4. Love the safety equipment! Ragnar will be so much fun, I'm sure!

    My gifts are all pretty boring this year--no fun!

  5. Haha, we watched that video the other night with Jason's parents. So funny.

  6. Ah, makes sense. Admittedly, I haven't read much of the race material myself. Just been going with the flow and doing whateever the team captain tells us we need to do.

  7. Great minds think alike :) That stuff isn't cheap either!

  8. Great gifts there, safety first is right!! hope you are feeling better!