Friday, November 11, 2011

A Family Affair (15K & 5k Races)

My 15K race was was an ok run for me, but there's nothing real interesting to report about it. I want to mention this past Saturday mainly because I’m proud of Mr. Blondie. He woke up early and joined me in the freezing cold to run the 5K.

This was the 4th year of the race, and participation had been steadily growing until this year. The original race director was a local resident and avid runner. This year ownership of the race was handed over to the county parks department. I got to chat with the lady organizing the race when I dropped off a couple boxes of MARATHON Bars as a donation for the race bags. She was very nice, but admittedly not a runner. Thus, some important details that would otherwise be apparent to a runner were overlooked.

A couple biggies:

The race was not advertised on or other major running websites

Limited course signage. There weren’t markers at every mile, and there were a few spots where the course branched off into side streets. I would have gotten confused had I not already been familiar with the course. I wonder how many people did make wrong turns….

I’ve already made it my mission to help this race succeed next year, and plan to help in the organization of it. I’d like to see Mr. Blondie design the t-shirts too. They could use some work.

If you recall, I ran the 15K two years ago and the 5K last year, both times pushing Emily. When Mr.Blondie and I were deciding who would push the stroller this year, we both called “Not it!”, teehee.

I wanted to give it a shot on my own this time, so we recruited my mother-in-law to visit for the weekend and keep an eye on Emily for us.

I comfortably run this course in about 1:13-1:14 on training runs. With race day adrenaline I was hoping to finish in 1:06 or faster.

The rolling hills affect my times more than I realized. I actually feel better about my training times now, since they always tend to be a little slower than what the pace charts say they should be.

Since turn-out was smaller than expected this year, it didn’t help my motivation by not having any other runners in sight after the first mile either.

I ran an extra 2 miles to cool down once I was finished, and took an ice bath when I got home. My legs felt good afterwards, so let’s add another checkmark to the list of quality workouts this month.

By the time I finished, all the food had been gobbled-up by the 5k’ers. A cooler bag once filled with Chick-Fil-A biscuits, only contained their glorious smell when I went to get one. Darn Mr.Blondie and his sensitive post-race stomach didn’t think to grab any for us. So disappointing.

I wasn’t too hungry anyway. After all I had eaten a lot of dust in the first mile as the lead woman pulled away. I was 2nd female, 8th/72 overall.

The 5k course was equally as challenging, and Mr. Blondie finished in 27:47 for 12th/120 and 1st in his age group! Not bad for a guy who kept muttering “I can’t believe you’re making me do this” from the moment we woke up that morning.

Wouldn't it be great to have Emily running alongside us at this race one day too? A girl can dream :)

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  1. Good job! and Yay for getting hubby to run! I'm always trying to get my husband to run and he is just now starting to really enjoy it. He's already talking half marathon! Have a great weekend

  2. Congrats on great races for both of you!! I've been dragging my pilot out of my shorter runs. :)