Friday, October 14, 2011

Quick Trip and Fear of the Unknown

Well hello there! It's been awhile.

Last week was another good mileage week. I hit 30, and I'm beginning to think 40 may be an attainable goal in the upcoming weeks.

Sunday: 5k race w/ stroller, 2.5 miles
Monday: off
Tuesday: 9 miles (8:04/mi pace)
Wednesday: 6 miles (8:07/mi pace) 15 mins elliptical, 10 min core work
Thursday: off
Friday: 10 miles (8:00/mi pace), 10 min core work
Saturday: off
Total: 30.5 miles run, 15 mins elliptical

My grandma was admitted back into the hospital, so Emily and I did a quick trip up to NJ on Saturday morning to visit.

The visit started off good. She didn’t know we were coming so her face lit up when we walked into the room, and she was able to address us by name. As the visit went on, she got more confused and you could see her frustration that the words weren’t coming out the way she wanted them too. You don't always need words though, so we made sure to shower her with ample kisses.

Less than 24 hours after we arrived in NJ we were back on a plane to Atlanta. Mr.Blondie had a break between flights and met us at the gate when we landed. We hung out for a little bit, then dropped Mr.Blondie off at his gate before leaving the airport ourselves.

Brittney sent me a message she’d be passing through town and I had intended on meeting up with her. Unfortunately after all the morning’s activities, Emily At least I got a 4 hour nap out of her. Sorry Brit, we’ll make it work one of these days!

Fortunately I was off from work on Monday, giving me a chance to decompress. Mr. Blondie was off as well, so we got a rare, full-day at home together. Yay for obscure holidays.

So the North Face Endurance Challenge is this weekend. I’m reading the participant guide and thanking the smidge of common sense I have for only choosing the 10K.

We’ve hiked in quite a few GA State parks, so I *think* I know what to expect in terms of terrain. I’m not scared of the pain from a hard effort. It’s my general lack of trail racing experience that has me all nervous. How do you handle passing/being passed on narrow strips of trail? What if I don't know which way to go?

Is there any special trail racing etiquette I should know about? Any words of wisdom to share?


  1. Your Grandma looks so sweet. Babies always make the elderly happy so I'm sure she really enjoyed little Emily!!

  2. I almost made it to 30 miles this week, which is unbelievable for me! Congrats on your 30 mile week!

    Sorry to hear your Grandma was in the hospital - I'm glad you got to go up and see her!

    Uhm. the elevation on your run scares me. good luck with that ! :-)

  3. aww, I hope she is ok and gets out of there. My mommom is in the hospital right now too! So nice you went to visit. Good luck on the trail run. I'm sure you'll do great!

  4. Sorry to hear about your Grandma. Such sweet pictures though!

    The best thing I can tell you about trail races is to remain aware - both of uneven ground and people coming up behind you. These are the only races where I leave the headphones at home. Good luck!!