Sunday, September 11, 2011

New 5k PR (19:36*) & Race Recap

So, I finally broke 20 minutes which has been my 5K brass ring

My official time was 19:36*. It’s only fair I qualify this PR with an asterisk since the course aided me with an overall net elevation drop of 300 ft. It was also in the low 60's and dry. The whole thing was very un-Atlanta like.

The morning started off with Mr. Blondie and Emily waking up at o’dark thirty to serve as my entourage. We had a 45 minute drive to the start.

The race was capped at 1200 runners and sold out a week in advance, so they were prepared. Parking, registration, and most importantly the bathroom situation, were uncrowded and well managed.

Before the race I ran into Lee and her husband Jason. They ran the race last year and gave me a heads-up there were actually a few uphills in the second mile. I’m glad they gave me the warning, as I was under the impression the whole thing was basically a straight shot downhill. That would have been a nasty surprise had I not been forewarned.

Blog readers Ginnie and Donna also approached me to introduce themselves. It was nice to finally meet you!Talking to everyone helped put me at ease. I have a knack for working myself up into a ball of nerves before the start of a race.

Here are my Garmin splits. I would venture to say mile 1 was probably the fastest mile I've EVER run thanks to a huge starting downhill. It wasn't even that tiring. I was glad to have that time in the bank.

Mile 2 had some uphills, so that looks closer to my usual race pace. Knowing all the climbing was done for the last half mile gave me the mental boost to gun it the rest of the way to the finish. Check out that sweet downhill.

The post race party was held in a separate location away from the finish line. Instead of taking the shuttle there, I opted to run a couple extra miles to cool down before heading there on foot.

Mr.Blondie was already there waiting for me with Emily. I got a bag filled with a bunch of goodies and ate a couple crab fritters one of the vendors was handing out. Odd post race refreshment, but so yummy.

Since there weren’t many women who finished ahead of me, we waited around for the awards ceremony. I figured I got an age-group award. It turned out I was 7th female overall out of 514. Wouldn’t you know that out of the 6 ladies ahead of me, 5 were in the 30-34 age group? Just my luck :) How often does that happen?

So no award, but I still walked away elated about finally breaking 20 minutes. What I'm stoked about is this was a USATF certified course and a Peachtree Road Race qualifier. This time will get me a spot in the sub-seed start corral.

Posing with Ginny & Emily post-race

Don’t get me wrong, I still think the Peachtree Road Race sounds like a version of hell-on-earth (much like cramming into Times Square on New year’s Eve or being at Best Buy on Black Friday morning). Who wants to wake up early on the 4th of July, squeeze their way into the city on public transportation, and race a 10k on one of the most hot and humid days of the year?

Apparently 55,000 other people.

It’s an Atlanta Tradition and a big to-do around these parts. I’d like to run it at least once while we’re living here, just to say I experienced it. If I can start all the way up at the front, well heck, I might as well go for it this year.

My legs still felt good when we got home, so I went for another 5 miles around the ‘hood to make it 10 miles for the day. I’m still training as if I’m running a half marathon in October, but I haven’t committed to one yet. I should probably make that decision soon.

Is there something that doesn’t appeal to you, but you still want to try at least once to say you did it?

Chip Time: 19:36
Pace: 6:18/mi
Overall: 32/922
Gender: 7/514
AG: 6/117


  1. Awesome race! My dad ran in the Peachtree Road Race back in 2009.

  2. You told me that the PR counts, so I'm telling you the same thing! Great job. My mile #2 split was also like 40 seconds slower. That big hill was no joke!

    If you're sub-seeded for the Ptree, you will be fine in terms of crowding. It's when you're somewhat in the back that the problems start.

  3. I cannot believe that many women finished in front of you. That first mile you ran is incredible - downhill or not!

    The Peachtree really isn't that bad. just don't expect a PR and enjoy all the people watching. :)

  4. Awesome race! You must be so excited!

    I can't believe that there were actually 5 people in front of you with a time like that in such a small race. Go figure.

  5. way to go chickee!!!! THAT is incredible! you must be on cloud nine!! way to kick some butt!!

  6. YAY!! that's awesome! Great job! I don't think it deserves that asterik though - take that away. Congrats. You're so fast.

  7. Even though it was a small race, I think it draws a lot of the fasties looking for a PRR qualifying time.

    A time of 19:15 or faster gets you "elite" status as at the PRR. I didn't know that until someone I was talking to at the finish line mentioned it. The top 3 women made it.

  8. Haha, I looked at previous years' results and I would have gotten like 1st or 2nd place age group pretty much every year.

    A lot of early 80's children decided it was a good day to race. It was the biggest age group!

  9. Ok, if we're in agreement. It was a USATF ceritfied course, which makes it totally legit in my mind :)

  10. It was great meeting you! What a fun race huh?

  11. WOW!! That is so fast. Nice job!!

  12. Congratulations on a speedy race!

  13. woooowzers, your speed is awesome and totally inspiring!!!

    do you think there could be something in the water here in FL? seriously the kidney thing is so weird. thanks for the comment and thoughts, truly it makes a difference to hear from people!

  14. Awesome job! You should be so proud of yourself!

  15. Congratulations!! That is amazing!! Glad to see you are back & no longer injured! :D

  16. Thanks Amada, I feel the saem way about you!

    And FL....Even when it's "cold" it's never really cold The heat definitley takes a toll on you and makes it hard to stay ahead of your hydration, even when you're diligent about it. A stressful job on top of it all is cetainly no help.

  17. Congrats!

    I think a marathon is something that doesn't always sound fun but I want to do one someday.

  18. Congratulations! What a great race for you. :-) Several years ago, I though a marathon sounded kind of like torture, but I wanted to do one for the experience. Of course now that I've done one, I want to do another....