Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Weekend and Workouts

This was a less than optimal absolutely terrible weekend to be flying. We had some family obligations in NJ, so we did the best we could to work around all the cancellations and craziness.

It was my mom's birthday, my SIL's parents are here visiting from Moscow, and it was the last weekend before a good friend moves to Tampa. Mr.Blondie was off doing his own thing this weekend (a fishing tournament), so it was just us girls fending for ourselves.

We had no problems making it here on the first flight of the day on Friday.

I started off Saturday with a spin class and a 2 mile run at the gym. Tough crowd there. I showed up 5 minutes before the start of class and not a single bike was available. I'd signed up for a bike when I got to the gym 20 minutes earlier. The instructor had to pull out the sign-in sheet and take a roll call to single out who didn't belong so I could get a bike. No one would 'fess up. Awkward, but be nice and play by the rules people.

We had a party planned for Saturday night to celebrate all the above stated occasions that turned into low-key "Hurricane Party", since a lot of people ended up not being able to attend.

We had delicious food like grilled shrimp kebabs and strawberry shortcake, and more questionable items like "Sardine Sandwiches" with garlic mayo and tomatoes...courtesy of the Russian contingent at our house. We had to try it to be courteous. My kid who won't touch PB&J loved them. She's so weird sometimes.

Fortunately we didn't get much more than a little wind and some heavy rain, but it was enough to keep me inside for my run on Sunday too.

I did an easy 9 miles on my parents treadmill. That wasn't the sky, just me raining on the treadmill. Yeah, I'm a super gross sweater.

My workouts following last week's race looked like this:

Sunday: 6 mi run outside (hilly route) in 48:53, core, stretching
Monday: 1 hr spinning, 2 mi TM (@7.0, 1% incline)
Tuesday: PT Trigger Point Needling session
Wednesday AM: 2 mi TM (@7.0, 1% incline), core, stretching
Wednesday PM: 6 mi run outside (hilly route) in 50:05
Thursday: 1 hr spinning, 2 mi TM (@7.0, 1% incline)
Friday: off
Saturday: 1 hr spinning, 2 mi TM (@7.0, 1% incline)
Sunday: 9 mi TM (@7.0, 1% incline), stretching

Totals: 29 miles run, 3 hours spinning

Remember when I told you about my 1st marathon experience? Here's the proof in all it's glory. My mom has this gem framed and hanging in the gym area of the house. (Love those shiny blue tights)

I was too delirious to even pretend I wasn't hurting

Hoping to get a flight back sometime soon, after the airports are straightened out. See y'all back in the ATL...eventually. Many T&P's for those of you in the hurricane zone.


  1. As I said on twitter, that picture of your daugther w/ that sandwich is disgusting ;-) She is absolutely adorable, but that sammie is nas-tay!

    You are a beast with 9 miles on the treadmill. I did a little dance after my 7 miler on the TM on Saturday. the things we do... Glad you survived the hurricane unscathed, and hopefully you make it home soon.

    Oh, and how rude of your H to go fishing in a tournament w/o you ;-) Ha ..

  2. Yeah, that sandwich is GROSS -- E, on the other hand, is simply adorable :)

  3. Tina @ Faith Fitness FunAugust 29, 2011 at 8:42 PM

    glad you made it safely!!! And hope you make it home safely too. That spin class mess would have driven me mad. Why would someone not just own up to it???

  4. Ok, treadmill incline. Thoughts? My junky home mill will not lower past 1.5 as stated in the manual. Who knows why? But I feel like I'm going to injure myself running at that incline. So, I put a board on the back legs and run at .5-1.0
    I train almost exclusively right now on it for my marathon in November and Im terrified I will not be prepared!

  5. how do you spin for so long? I hate it!!:( and I LOVE those shiny blue tights! lol...what year was this?

  6. Glad you were able to make it to NJ, hopefully you will make it back home again soon! That picture of E is too funny! I can't believe that she likes those sandwiches, they don't sound tasty at all.

  7. This was 2002, but I've been rocking those tights since 1996. Just wore them for a 1/2 marathon this past January. They are hideous, but so comfy.

  8. I always do a 1% incline because I've read various places that compensates for the lack of wind resistance and and assistance the belt is providing you. Running at less than 1% equivalent to running slightly downhill outside.

    I agree anything over 1% feels monumental though. I have no idea why since I run hills all the time outside.

    GL with your marathon! Keep getting those miles in and you'll do fine. That many miles on a treadmill takes an tremendous amount of mental fortitude!

  9. The tournament was in NY, so it ended up being cancelled after the 1st day. Boo. DH ended up spending his time prepping his boat for the storm instead. Fortunatley everything made it through intact.

  10. wow that looks so dated the marathon pic!! haha. Great workouts!!

  11. That is funny about the sardine sandwiches. I don't think I've had sardines before. They are the whole fish, right?

    I thought of you this morning when I received an email about an Irish dance competition (a "feis" pronounced fesh) opening up in Peachtree City, GA. My daughter Irish dances and competes. Typically, the dancer's family pays a flat "family fee" at the time of registration. That fee allows family and friends to come and go to the feis without having to worry about tickets and hand stamps, etc. What that all means is that it is free to watch.

    If you are interested, here is the info:
    Celtic Rose Feis - Sunday, November 20th 2011
    Wyndham Conference Center – 2443 Highway 54, Peachtree City GA.

    Usually the competitions are on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings. I think there is another feis that weekend called the Feis ATL -- I don't think that has been announced, yet. Here's the website:, select "feis info."

    Competitors are all levels. The costumes are beautiful. The music is fun. You can take pics backstage, but not during the dancing.


  12. Wow you're nothing short of amazing! I don't think I've ever done nine miles... let alone in that time! I'm working on it, though. :) Thanks for sharing your Blog!