Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cooking with Fresh Figs

Hey y'all! How's your weekend going?

We started off our Saturday with a spin class at the gym. The Saturday morning class is definitley my favorite by far. The instructor is a drill sergeant (literally, at Fort McPherson), and it’s intense. I finished the workout with 10 minutes on the rowing machine, some core work and lots of stretching.

Next stop was the store to get groceries for the week, and specifically the ingredients for a couple fresh fig recipes I wanted to try.

I’m willing to push this monstrosity through the store as long as it keeps the kiddo occupied.

We made it home ahead of the thunderstorms. The weather kept us indoors the rest of the afternoon, and I went on a cleaning rampage. You know when you set out to do one or two things like vacuum and dust, and before you know it you’re cleaning the oven and polishing the silverware? It was one of those kind of days where I just went into the cleaning zone. Before I knew it, I’d been on my feet for over 4 hours, and my stomach was growling.

You’d think I’d know better by now, then to wait until after I clean the floors and countertops to start a cooking project. We did pretty well keeping it all contained this time though.

We started by making these Chocolate Fig Muffins with Honey Goat Cheese. Don’t they look so delicious?

Yeah, the taste…not so much. My inspiration came from this recipe for the muffin and this recipe for the filling. I proceeded to modify the muffin recipe even more (think chia eggs, pureed figs in place of the applesauce, no chocolate chips, less Splenda), and went too far trying to “healthify” them. They ended up being quite rubbery. They weren’t sweet enough either, and with all the cocoa powder, had a bitter aftertaste.

They have potential. Next time I should be  less zealous with my modifications. It’s a shame cause this little piece of white gold cost a small fortune.

After the muffins were done it was time to start on dinner.

Fortunately not everything was a flop yesterday. Combining sliced fresh figs, caramelized Vidalia onion, gorgonzola cheese, and a little shredded mozzarrella on top of pizza dough brushed with olive oil and chopped rosemary = huge win.

(That little baby watermelon is the 1st from our garden, Can't wait to see if it's any good.)

We also made a second one with fresh basil and sautéed peppers (both from our garden), a heaping pile of baby spinach, Bertolli Tomato & Basil sauce, and some shredded mozzarella.

Paired with an arugula side salad topped with Cranberries and Ken’s Vidalia Onion dressing. My taste buds forgave me for the muffins.

Is there something you’ve made that sounded good in theory but ended being a huge disappointment?


  1. The muffins sound good- I'll bet you can tweak some more and have a really good recipe. I actually have zucchini spice cake in the oven right now, that I modified to veganize and reduce the fat- we'll see how those come out!

  2. Roasted Green Beans. How can this go wrong?? But it did. I think I didn't leave them in long enough. I liked them, but the toddler didn't. But they were too crunchy and dried up I guess.

  3. I have that problem a lot too. I try to healthify things too much, especially baked goods and they never work out quite right. Yours sound good though.

  4. I remember awhile back in one of your posts you made a statement about a recipe to the effect of "this tastes regular people good, not just Lee good". I thought it was hysetrical.

    I'm always worried about that when I cook for other people. Some of my substititions are defintely an acquired taste.

  5. I love all forms of zucchinni bread. I'm sure the zucchinni will really help to keep it moist.

  6. We have a fig tree in our yard at the lake and I love that you cooked with fresh figs! Everything looks so tasty! I'm sorry the muffins were a bomb. Things happen! Next time they'll turn out better I bet! Let us know how the watermelon is! It is so cute!

  7. Yup, I definitely have my kitchen flops too. :-) Hope the muffins turn out better next time. The cheesy pizza looks great!