Saturday, July 9, 2011

Workout ADD

After lamenting about need to take some time off from running, and doing a couple cycling workouts at the gym, compression sleeves came to my rescue. I loved the tights I wore at the San Diego RnR so much, I ordered the calf sleeves on Amazon a couple days after that post. They arrived just in time for our trip to NY, where running was my only workout option.

It was a jam packed weekend, but I managed to squeeze in a few runs while we're there. Still had a few random cramps, but nothing I couldn't work through. Overall, my legs felt decent and I even got in some nice hill work. I left the compression sleeves on during my shower, and continued wearing them on for a few hours afterwards which I think helped as well.

One run ended with a bag of fresh bagels coming home with me.

How'd that get in my hand?!

There had to be some pitfall to the breezy, dry weather I enjoyed on my morning run along the harbor....bagel shops and delis all along the way pumping out delicious smells.

My holiday weekend workouts look like this:

Thursday (before airport): 4 miles tm (6.5, .5% incline), 10 mins stretching, 4 miles tm (7.0, 5% incline)
Friday: 70 min run outside
Saturday: off
Sunday: 50 min run outside
Monday: 60 min run outside
Tuesday: off

We arrived home at 11PM Tuesday night, and the temp at the airport was 82 degrees and humid.

Yep, summertime is our turn to hibernate here in the south. Lovely, no?

Doing part of my workout in the heat toughens me up, but doing my entire workout in heat just turns me into a crampy, nauseous, puddle of mush. It's ugly and not worth it.

The way you northerners start going bonkers on the dreadmill sometime around mid-February is how I feel right about now. I'll admit it, I've been getting around lately. I can't commit to one machine anymore.

Here's what my workouts have looked looked like since we got home. I've been saving them for the afternoons, so I can do at least part of them outside.

Wednesday: 20 min run outside, 15 mins treadmill (A 7.0, .5% incline), 20 mins ellipitcal, 10 min run outside (front/side planks 6x 30secs, 10 burpees)

Thursday: 20 min run outside, 10 mins treadmill (A 7.0, .5% incline), 15 mins ellipitcal, 15 min run outside (20 v-ups, 50 reverse crunches, 10 burpees)

Friday: YogaX

Saturday: 30 min run outside, 15 elliptcal, 10 min treadmill (randomly alternating between 6.8-7.5, .5-2% incline), (front/side planks 6x 30secs, 10 burpees)

I foresee similar workouts for the next couple months. September get here soon.

I could workout here, but I iz skeerd of going in by myself.

What are you doing to beat the heat these days?


  1. I find that I always ease up on running in the summertime just because it's so hot out. I just don't like running outside even early in the morning.

  2. I know one thing... this heat in the south is definitely different than where my husband and I grew up. It's taking us some time trying to be brave enough to go outside in the sun and do things other than swim in the Gulf. ;) I'm not sure what's worse... winter in northern MI or summer in FL.

  3. oh man! can you tell me where exactly on amazon you got those compression sleeves for your calves? I was JUST looking for some as my vericose veins are getting worse and I really should be wearing them when I run!!!
    p.s I hate burpees! they are the worst! good job on getting them done:)

  4. Here's the link Nicole. They small/mediums should be $34.33 w/ free shipping. Much cheaper than their website.

    Been trying to add a new strength training move to the end of my workouts next week. Planks, burpees, not sure what I'l add this week yet. Lord almighty, the burpees are killer. Maybe I should just add in an extra round of them.

  5. I find that I always ease up on running in the summertime just because it's so hot out. I just don't like running outside even early in the morning.