Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Good Morning from Figueres, Spain!!

We got a late start out of Ronda yesterday. We went for another hike and got immersed in taking more pictures. No worries, we caught a later bus to Malaga.

It was about a 1.5 HR bus ride, getting us into the city around 5pm local time.

There must be nice parts to the city. We wandered to the beach and around the city for about 2 hours and never found them. We felt like we were in a very seedy part of Miami and were quite relieved to hitch a ride back to Barcelona on a 10pm SpanAir flight.

The rental car Mr. Blondie reserved for us was ready for us when we landed. So far driving here has been much easier than expected...not much different than the US. Instead of spending the night in Barcelona, we went for it and made the drive to Figueres, near the French boarder. It took about an hour. Luckily we found a nice hotel at 2am local time.

Figueres is where Salvador Dali did most of his work. We're going to visit the Dali museum in a few minutes, then make our way in France this afternoon to continue our trip along their southern coast.

This has been amazing.

More views from Ronda

>Malaga beach :(


  1. I'm loving all the pictures! So beautiful.

  2. Sorry to hear the beach was a letdown. The good news is that everything is so close in Europe that it doesn't take too long to get to a completely different area.

    Amazing trip. I would love to go to Europe again... I'm living vicariously through you right now! Thanks. (:

  3. I'm amazed at how much you're keeping up on your blog while vacationing! Love the photos too. :-) Glad driving hasn't been too much of a challenge. (I think I wouldbe super anxious behind the wheel in a foreign country.)