Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cadeques, I Just Can't Leave You

Let's try this again. I was having issues posting from my iPhone before.
The museum that Dali created was totally trippy. Unlike any museum I've seen before. Definitely a must see.
After touring the museum we hit the road. The plan was to stop in Cadaques, a harbor town where both Picasso and Dali lived. We'd walk around, take some pictures, then continue on to France.
The winding roads with steep drop-offs made me feel as green as my shirt.
Then we fell in love with Cadeques. It's exactly what I imagined a mediterranean seaside town to look like. We met a friendly British couple while we were walking along the beach and they turned in to our personal travel agents. They hooked us up with maps and a list of sites to see in the area. We'd heard the drive through southern France wasn't that great until you reached the area around Nice, and they confirmed that. We decided to forget that idea and explore more of the Cataluna region instead. Oh, if only I could stay here longer...


  1. such a great experience! looks beautiful!

  2. such a great experience! looks beautiful!