Saturday, March 26, 2011

Can't fight this feeling anymore

Did you know I’ve run 13 races in the past 6 ½ months? Well, it's no wonder I was ready for a break after last week's race.

It felt so deliciously indulgent to sleep in late (5:30 am), stay up late watching TV with the hubby (10 pm), and not have to make any bargains with myself. Mr.Blondie and I even had a date night out for sushi. On a week night! We’re just two crazy kids.

But yesterday morning I couldn’t take it anymore. I was starting to feel anxious and edgy, like a junkie looking for their next hit. I couldn’t make it through a full week of workout abstinence. I gave in and did an easy 45 minute run on the treadmill before work.

And tonight I’m blogging to you from the great state of New Jersey. I caught a flight here with Emily after work yesterday.

These are the shenanigans that ensue when grandma and grandpa are in charge.

They're all having a blast.

With a top-notch babysitting service at my disposal, I was able to get in a nice run first thing this morning. It was 31 degrees when I stepped outside. Y’all know by now that’s my kind of weather. I went a little faster than I wanted to, but with the cold temps and pancake-flatness of NJ, 10 miles felt like a breeze.

I also went to a race today. Don’t worry I wasn’t competing. I was there to hang out with my BFF since elementary school. Her boyfriend was competing in a local duathlon (5k run, 10 mile bike, 5k run).

Bless his heart. He was dead last out of about 200 athletes. They were already dismantling the finish area as he was coming in.

Here's what it looked like about 2 hours earlier.

But he had a great attitude about the whole thing. Over lunch he was already talking about the tough mudder and warrior dash he wants to do this summer. We went over what he needs to do to prepare and I even sketched out a rough training plan on a napkin for him. We’ll work on fine tuning that, but it’s already a lot more structure than the “plan” he’d devised.

I’ve got a frosty 5 miler on tap for tomorrow morning, then we’re making the rounds to visit some more relatives. There’s always so much to fit into these short visits.

Hope y’all are having a great weekend too!


  1. Looks like you and Emily are enjoying NJ! Fun. Sounds like you had a good run too.

    I hear ya on trying to see everyone and cram a lot of things into a short visit... it's tough! Enjoy your time there.

  2. aww that is too funny about your friend's boyfriend, poor guy! good job to him! Nice job on the 10 miler! Hope you are enjoying!

  3. We totally have a good Southern hold on said "bless your heart." :-)

  4. I definitely have a hard time not working out for a full week too. And your 10 mile easy run astounds me. You're such a rockstar!

  5. "Y'all" and "bless your heart" have snuck into my vocabulary. My northern friends think it's a real hoot, lol.

  6. I really want to do a marathon one of these days, but I'm quite sure they'd take down the stage and decorations before I crossed the finish line. I hope to do this one day though!

    I love reading your blog about all your training. I don't know how you find time to do it with the baby and the hubs being out of town a lot. Good job!

  7. Thanks Wenday! I'm still in awe that that anyone wants to read about it. Each and every comment I get really brightens my. Seriously. It gives me the motivation to keep pushing myself.

    My BFF's boyfriend said the only thing worse than finishing last is not finishing at all. Good way to look at it. If he beats just one person in the next race, it's progress.

  8. Wow, 13 races in the last 6 months; that is a lot; especially if you had to travel for most of them. There is no such thing as a "local" race to me. All races are at least an hour away. 13 races in 6 months would kill me. That's a lot of traveling back and forth.

    I want to try a duathlon, but I think the bike part would kill me. Then I'd be dead last, and I don' think I'd have such a good attitude about it. :-(

  9. That's a bunch of races in the last 6 months. Sounds like you do need a break. :-)

    Glad you had a fun weekend and got in some enjoyable runs too!

  10. Wow! That's a loaded race schedule.

    So where in NJ are you from? I grew up in Pine Beach in Ocean County. And I saw that you went to college in Philly. Me too. Small world.

  11. aww that is too funny about your friend's boyfriend, poor guy! good job to him! Nice job on the 10 miler! Hope you are enjoying!