Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Big 3-0

On a good week I've been hitting about 25 miles, so I made it a goal to reach 30 miles of running this week. This is how it's shaped up so far:

Monday: off
Tuesday: 8 miles in 1:02:22 (7:48/mi)
Wednesday: off
Thursday: 7 miles treadmill (@ 7.2, 1% incline) with bursts at 9.0 thrown in along the way, 10 mins elliptical
Friday: 8 miles in 1:02:35 (7:50/mi)
Saturday: 7.2 miles w/ stroller in 1:00:00 (8:19/mi)
Sunday: TBD

30 miles achieved! Not sure if more running or some other cross training will be on the agenda for tomorrow instead.

Oh yeah, I also turned 30 this week. I knew there was some other significance to that number.....

Of course a fancy dinner was involved

with some really wild party animals. We roll with the fast crowd these days.

Some more friends stopped by the house afterwards, and lots of this was consumed-

Riesling and Red Velvet Cake

It was fun and low key. Just how us old folks like it :)

Mr. Blondie surprised me with a couple new beads for my Pandora bracelet and a new foam roller. For years I've been rolling out my calves with a pool noodle. I don't doubt the merits of foam rolling. I just couldn't bring myself to spend $20 bucks on a hunk of foam, so I've never gotten a real one.

The $1.68 pool noodle looks pretty similar huh? Its small diameter made it difficult to do areas like my IT band though.

You know I just about died when I found this Mr.Blondie's pocket when I was doing the laundry. AYFKM?!

He tore up the receipt in front of me when I insisted he take it back. I wasn't supposed to see that! Just enjoy the gift.

Oy. Will this thing cook dinner and give the kiddo a bath too? Now that would seriously help me out post-run.

Is there something you know you paid too much for, but are still glad you bought anyway?


  1. Looks like the perfect birthday to me! Maybe now that you know the cost of the foam roller, it will entice you to use it more. I love Pandora bracelets, the beads make great gifts!

  2. AYFKM = LOL!! :) Ugh I hate that, esp when it's a gift and I feel like he spent too much on it for me. THe vitamix was way expensive but I love it anyway. HAPPY 30th!! and congrats on 30 miles! I made it to 27 I think, considering 3 more tomorrow, but more likely, I will take off!

  3. Happy Birthday! Keep the foam roller! You deserve it. I've never actually used a foam roller although I do have The Stick.

  4. Welcome to the 30's! It's not so bad, I promise. :) Looks like you had a fun birthday.

  5. Happy Birthday! I'm enjoying my 30s so far. That is a lot for a foam roller, but I have to agree that you should just enjoy the gift! :)

  6. Let's there something I paid too much for but I'm glad I kept it anyway? Umm...just about everything I own!! Enjoy your foam roller and enjoy your 30's! (They go by much too quickly--trust me!)


  7. Welcome to the next decade :) Looks like you had a great b'day celebration!

  8. Yay for 30... it's the new 20 (at least that's what I'll be telling myself in a couple years) so no biggie!

    So funny. Your loved ones will always buy you things that you may not buy for yourself... even if you think they cost too much. Usually I'm the one hiding receipts from the hubs, but I just think some things are worth it... and priceless. Enjoy that foam roller! (:

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