Monday, January 31, 2011

Half Marathon Results

I officially clocked in at 1:36:40.3. Even better than I set out to run!

And the people rejoiced....

The iPod was a good idea after all. The course was contained within the botanical garden grounds, so you can imagine there wasn't much to look at in the middle of winter.

Thank you for all the encouragement and kind words, as well as the music suggestions you left for me. I ended up downloading a bunch of mp3's from Amazon using my gift card from the gift card deal last week. Highway to the Danger Zone *may* have powered me through the final meters :)

I even got to leave with a little somethin’ somethin’
1st place age-group, 4th woman overall

So here are the deets if you care to stick around.....

It was a no-frills race, but I wanted to do a winter race and this one fit the bill. It delivered the conditions I was looking for….temps in the upper 40's, sunshine, and no humidity. The course description was accurate and there were plenty of rolling hills. Nothing too crazy, just the right amount to break up the monotony.

I turned on my Garmin about 5 minutes before the start of the race. We were almost to mile 2 before it synced with a satellite. No idea what the deal was with that.

I was concerned I took it too fast out of the gate, as I usually count on the crowd congestion at larger races to keep me in check for the first mile. By the start of mile 2, I was finally able to get my watch going and settled into a rhythm. My splits were pretty dead-on for the rest of the race. My one Gatorade stop was at mile 6 which made it my slowest at 7:31, but I hit all the other mile markers between 7:18-7:25. I was waiting for the crash, but by the end of mile 9 I was still holding on.

The majority of the race was on a double lane road, but the last 3 miles veered off onto a paved bike path. I was happy to be off the road by that point. All the twists and turns really made the last few miles go by like a blur. And isn’t that what you hope for by that point?

My biggest moment was in the final mile of the race. I closed the gap with a woman who had been at least a couple hundred meters in front of me the entire race. I passed her, then she passed me back and pulled away. At the final turn taking us the .1 to the finish line, I went for it and took the lead. Speed is not my strength. In a sprinting duel, I'm still surprised I came out ahead.

Mr. Blondie tried to get a picture of me crossing the finish line, but the camera was still in movie mode. Here’s a true action shot for you (youtube)

I enjoyed a rest day on Monday and did some racewalking to loosen up yesterday. Now it’s back in the saddle, um jogging stroller, to prepare for the next one!

Stats:Time: 1:36:40.3
Pace: 7:23/mile
Overall: 20/366
Gender: 4/195
A/G: 1/23


  1. Fantastic! I love Callaway, but I'm sure it's not so pretty this time of year...just give it a few more weeks. Congrats on a KILLER time!

  2. Haha, glad my song recommendation powered you through! Cool to see the video of you at the end! We have a video camera and really need to use it.

  3. Wow, great time! I think I'd be lucky to break 2 hours on a half at this point. You're so speedy :)


  4. You rock Mama! Congrats on your time and placement-awesome. =D

  5. Great job and congrats on the award!! I've been dreaming (and trying) of breaking 1:40 in a half.

  6. I love the video at the end too! So nice to 'see you' in a race. :) and 1st place in your age group! Congrats.

  7. That's a great time! Congrats!

  8. Congrats on your PR and 1st place!

  9. wow wow wow! congratulations!

  10. That's a great time! Congrats!

  11. Haha, glad my song recommendation powered you through! Cool to see the video of you at the end! We have a video camera and really need to use it.