Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Beans for Dessert

While M’s away on a trip, it’s my chance to slip one under the radar. I made a pan of chickpea brownies. There’s no flour involved. Chickpeas make the base of this recipe.

Feel free to keep scrolling by if you’ve seen this on 1,252,093 different blogs already

M knew there was something different when he tried them….meaning they tasted homemade, not like a box mix. I never did reveal my secret. I didn’t want to ruin it for future use.

This just between me and you now. Shhh

1 16oz can chickpeas (garbanzo beans)
1 ½ c semi-sweet chocolate chips
4 eggs
½ tsp baking powder
1 cup sugar (or 1/2 c agave nectar, or ½ c maple syrup) I had neither

Puree the chickpeas and eggs together until smooth. Melt the chocolate then slowly blend it in. Add the sugar and baking powder. Bake in nonstick 8x8” pan at 350° for ~30 mins.

For extra disguise, I added a peanut butter ribbon to mine. Peanut butter really is the duct tape of cooking. Is there anything it can’t do?

I was so pleased with the results, I did some more experimentation. Using less egg, and baking soda instead of powder, I found you can achieve a texture very close to sponge cake.

I've made it my personal mission to concoct a Red (Bean) Velvet Cake. I was able to pass my test cake off on my co-workers as “normal”, but it wasn’t red velvelty enough to be distinguished from an ordinary chocolate cake. I need to tweak a few more things before I’m ready to share it with ya’ll. I don't know if the South is ready for this!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I adore my daddy.

Hugs and Kisses,

Friday, June 18, 2010

Peek Inside My Fridge

Remember a couple months ago when I asked for new refrigerator recs? Old Frosty’s still here. A friend of the family is a genuine Maytag/GE repairman (and he looks just like the one in the commercials too!), told us to try replacing the thermidor before junking it. Basically, it was the ONLY part we hadn’t replaced yet, but the whole $8 it cost made it worth a try. So far, so good.

Gallery of Kiddie Masterpieces

Want to check out what’s behind door #1? Cash and valuable prizes it's not.

What we're eating this week...looks pretty much the same every week.

Lettuce...If I don't buy it bagged it doesn't get used.

Not as organic in here this week as I'd prefer. Buying organic is the least I can do to offset the.....

Preservatives Bin (insert high pitched shriek here)

823 different condiment options

Freezer's still pretty empty. It hasn't won my trust back yet.

Veggie Steamers, chicken breasts, and a staple from M's college days...Stouffer's French Bread pizza

About 10 pizza's worth of Trader Joe's dough in the bottom bin. Love the stuff. I can whip up my own pie faster than calling Dominos.

What are some things you always have in your fridge?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Finding My Green Thumb

My first little garden. A cactus tests my gardening ability, so we're starting small and seeing what works.

Next year I may be promoted to my own plot in the yard.

Upside down tomato planter...M's handiwork

Already have some jalapenos bustin' out

These little guys are destined to be red bell peppers

Basil explosion. I foresee some homemade pesto on this week's menu.

Have a green thumb? Whatcha growing this year?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Little Ears are Listening

Even when you don't think they are.

Wow, thank you for all your comments. Seems like all of us can recall that point in time when the size of our thighs suddenly mattered to us. For some of you it was even earlier than I would have expected :(

“Fat talk" is too common in many households, so I give my parents credit for how they raised us. They taught us to eat right and kept us involved in activities. To this day, I’ve never heard them make disparaging comments about their weight or appearance, nor did they ever put pressure on me or my brother to look a certain way.

But then again no one in my family has really struggled with our weight, so maybe that’s why? 

Both my parents are in the medical profession and know how to care for themselves. I had the advantage there. What's a kid to do when they have all the wrong influences at home? Who do you think is a role model of health?

Still I wasn't immune. My size awakening was at the end of 6th grade. That’s when me and my friends decided we’d get salads everyday for lunch as part of our “diet” to get bikini ready for summer break. I mean, isn't that what you supposed to do? I don’t know where we got that idea, but I think it’s also about the same time we discovered Teen magazine.

And now I have the internet to contend with too. Ay dos mio. 

M already got the stink eye and a kick to the shin. Time for a deeper conversation this week.

Get outside an play! It's good for ya

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Instilling a Positive Body Image

So let me tell you about the Blondie family’s big night out. We took Emily on a Tuesday night playdate to the Atlanta Children’s Museum. It was our first time meeting some other families I ‘know” from the internet. It was cute watching the little ones play, and it more age appropriate for Emily this time than our last visit. After we (meaning the parents) were worn out from playing, we decided to grab some dinner together. 

At the dinner table M brought up how she’d gained 4 pounds since her last doctor's appointment, and that the pediatrician recommended curbing her milk intake. M cracked jokes about her “being our tubby little girl” and “having more rolls than a bakery”.

I was truly mortified.

The two of us joke about having a “meaty” baby. People always comment on how “solid” she is.  It’s never bothered us. We know we feed her nutritious foods and well balanced meals. She’s in the 60th percentile for height and weight. She’s a happy, healthy little girl.

* I heart babies with a little chunk.* 

Being at a table with children that were slightly older the Em and more verbal, the situation struck a cord with me. The comments need to stop now. She’s getting to an age where she understands and it’s not appropriate.

Food and weight never an issue in my house growing up, and yet as a woman I am still sensitive to it. I don’t want to put negative thoughts in my daughters head. She’ll have enough outside influences as it is. I want to help build her up so she rises above them.

Have you ever received a comment about your appearance (positive/negative) that stuck with you? What are some ways to instill a positive body image in a child?