Monday, November 29, 2010

'Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving

And I was out shopping with all the other nutsos.

Ah, I remember back in the day I would have been out at the bars with my hometown friends on Thanksgiving Eve. So long ago in the year 2007. This is what I do for kicks now. Sigh.

Not like the Blondie Family was in desperate need of any of this stuff, it was the thrill of the hunt that brought me out. This couponing thing is like my new little game to play. I hit our local 24-hour CVS at 11:15, so I could fill-up my cart to check out at 12:01 and get their early Black Friday specials. There was another lady who arrived there after me with her boyfriend in tow. He was filming her deal seeking mission on his iPhone for posting on her blog.

I'm still one shade away from that color of crazy. I think.

I used Laurie's deal scenario, then while cruising the aisles I noticed the Renpure shampoos and conditioners had "try me free" mail-in rebate hangtags, along with $4.99 back in Extra Care bucks. I added one of those to my order, and used the additional ECB's to buy the toys which were BOGO. They'll be added to my office's Operation Santa donations.

In total, I spent $14.42 including tax on the 29 items pictured here.

I was most interested in getting the 40 Duracell AA batteries. M's aviation head set chews through them like crazy. M was excited to see that much candy in the house at one time.

Another thing I swore I'd never do, I also woke up at 3 am to shop on Black Friday. However, that's another story for another time.

Black Friday shopping, yay or nay? If you went out did you get any good deals?

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