Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving with a Broken Drumstick

I’m so excited to get the holidays underway. The past 2 years my parents have come to Georgia for Thanksgiving. The last place the hubs and I want to be is in the airport during the busiest travel time of the year. Since we’re usually the ones doing the traveling, they give us a break by dealing with the airport insanity instead. They’re awesome like that.

But man, have my parents had a rough couple weeks. My dad hit a deer driving home from work last Monday…or more correctly a deer hit him. It ran out of the woods into the side of his car. Miraculously no damage was done; only a smear of deer blood left behind on the passenger side mirror. My dad was so distraught about the deer. It limped off into the woods and probably didn’t survive. The important part was HE was ok though.

My attempt to add some humor to this post...this scene in Tommy Boy never gets old

Over the weekend a pipe burst in their house. A large section of their finished basement was destroyed, and all the carpet and hard wood on the first floor is soggy and buckled. Workmen have been there since Monday ripping out drywall and replacing flooring.

Then yesterday morning I get a call from my brother telling me that my mom fell down the stairs. She broke her leg in two places and needed surgery to put in pins and plates. The surgery went well, so we’re praying for her quick recovery without any complications.

We all agreed it’s better for everyone if we wait until after Thanksgiving to fly up to see her. I feel horrible about it though. All she kept saying to me was “I absolutely cannot have you get stuck in the airport with the baby,” and of course “Thank goodness your father hadn’t left for work yet. What if something like this happened when M was on a trip?” Moms, always worrying about everyone but themselves.

So yeah, Thanksgiving plans will be a little different this year.

I’m still running a race on Thanksgiving morning, but the rest is TBD. What do ya’ll have going on for Thanksgiving?


  1. Ugh, I am sorry to hear that. You aren't going to believe this. I have to go up to DC for a meeeting on the Wed. before Thanksgiving (up and back on the same day). Can you believe that? The worst travel day and I will be in it for business. Not looking forward to it, but I am at least flying the big airline in the ATL. I have fears of getting stuck in DC and spending Thanksgiving by myself. Because of my crazy Wed. I am not running a race on Thanksgiving. :( Run extra hard for me.

  2. Oh my goodness, your poor parents! Hope your mom is feeling better soon and recovers quickly. Definitely sounds like they need to stay put for awhile and have a serious change in their luck.

    Hopefully you and your little family can have a nice relaxing holiday together. :-)

    We are planning to visit some family via car... staying away from the airport! No T-day races where we are going but I'll probably get out for one. Last year I found a great route from the hotel to the beach and then to the house where we celebrate... might do that again!

  3. Awwww, that's awful! That's a lot to deal to with :( Sorry you don't get to spend Thanksgiving Day with them, but if you guys are like us you're probably used to celebrating some holidays at off times because of the pilot schedule anyway so you can still get in the spirit of the holiday later when the chaos has died down.
    By the way- I love that Tommy Boy deer scene- so hilarious!

  4. Your poor parents! What a few horrible hands they have been dealt. Hopefully your mom heals quickly too!

    I will be running a 10K thanksgiving morning. DH is going hunting and DS is spend the holiday with his dad. :-( I will visit my mom, step dad and mom's family during the early afternoon and finish the evening off with my dad and step mom at my aunt's house. Then it's up at the crack of dawn Friday morning to spend the day shopping with my mom!

  5. What a streak of bad luck... none of that sounds good at all. Good to hear that your dad was not hurt. (It's easy to laugh at that Tommy Boy scene knowing no one was hurt) When I was a kid my mom hit a deer, and it was a little traumatizing watching "Bambi" limp into the woods to die. Yuck.

    Sorry to hear about your mom's broken leg too! What a hectic time of year for everything to happen like that. Hope she heals fast. I am sure that Thanksgiving meals still taste amazing no matter what the date on the calendar says.

    Does your husband's family live close... do you alternate holidays with his family? That's usually what my husband and I do, because his family is close here in Colorado and my family lives in Michigan. I find that not ideal... because I'd love to spend all holidays with everyone, but that's tough considering our families live so far apart. Hope you all enjoy the holidays no matter what though! :)

  6. I hope everything works out for you! My husband and I are going to the DC area to visit my family for Thanksgiving.

  7. Oh my goodness! You're parents have had a rough go...I know what it's like to hit a deer, and how that can rattle you. I will keep your parents in my thoughts and prayers. Especially for a fast recovery for your mom!