Tuesday, November 30, 2010

T-Day Race Results Are In

Didn't y’all realize this post was actually a cry for help? I was hoping I’d get an overwhelming response to make things easy and not run either race, just sleep in.

Just Kidding :)

Yes, I ended up running both. I was holding out on posting the race report since I didn’t have all the details. I knew I finished in the top few women for each race, but that was it.

You could say this race was a victim of its own success. Last year was the inaugural year and they had 1,200 runners. Organizers anticipated a turnout of 3,000 this year, and instead had about 4,500 show up. There wasn’t enough of anything…porta-potties, water/food, and volunteers to keep things running smoothly.

There were some timing system issues again, and they just posted the final results for the top finishers on their website today. Me and timing chips have not been getting along well lately.

I was second overall female in the 5K and third overall in the 10K, with times of 21:03 and 47:42 respectively. I didn’t bother taking my camera or phone out of the car this time since no one would be there to hold them once the race started, so the rest of this post is pretty boring.
From the pro photog's website

Here's the nitty-gritty.

I gave M a reprieve and told him to enjoy sleeping in. I left for the race about an hour before it was set to start and checked in with no problem.

I went back to the car to listen to the radio and surf the web to kill some time. After about 15 minutes, the radio suddenly went dead. Yep, I killed the car battery. No so much as a wrrr, wrrr when I turned the key. I sent M a text letting him know he’d be coming to the race after all to jump start my car, and told him I’d call him after I was finished running.

The 5k was 45 minutes late getting started. While waiting, and waiting, and waiting around the starting area the woman standing next to me struck up a conversation. She was like, “Hey, weren’t you the bee at that Halloween race a few weeks ago?” And I was like “Yeah, and you were the pirate weren’t you?” We chatted for awhile and she offered to wait around to help me jump start my car later. Very kind, but I couldn't make her wait until I finished the 10K too. I had two other ladies come up to me later asking where my daughter was, they usually see me with the stroller at races. It’s cool that I’m starting to recognize familiar faces at races. It's like another root planting me here in Atlanta.

We finally got going, and I really enjoyed the course. It was flat for the most part with just one mondo hill in the last half mile. I’ve learned it’s pretty rare to have such flat races here.

I never wear my Garmin for 5 and 10K’s, I just rely on the mile markers to loosely gauge my pace (shouldn’t you be running at a PRE of 8-10 the whole time anyway?). In a stroke of luck, I couldn’t find my Polar sportswatch that morning and ended up wearing my Garmin instead. There were NO mile markers on the course and it would have been very frustrating not knowing how far I was into the race.

5K finish (source)

I enjoyed the 10K course too. I thought it was going to be 2 loops of the 5K course, so I was pleasantly surprised when it veered off onto dirt and gravel roads. It was pretty flat as well, with just that same big hill towards the end. The 10k was added to the line-up this year, and the field was much smaller than the 5K.

My plan was to just cruise through the 10K to earn myself an extra little pie after dinner. Around mile 5 I heard someone say I was in third place for the women. It was game on then. I was too far behind the lead women, heck I couldn’t even see them, but I pushed myself through the last mile since I didn’t want to give up third.

When I finished the 10K I saw both my babies waiting for me. M said he was there in time to see me finish the 5k too, but couldn’t get my attention before I bolted off to line up for the 10K.

It was a real bummer they didn’t have the awards ceremony on-site. They kept us milling around for almost another 45 minutes, then took our names and said they would mail us our awards. Hrrrumph.

M got my car started and we headed back home…around noon. So glad I didn’t have a turkey to roast this year! If you were wondering, we ended up going out to dinner. We invited another crew scheduling widow (her husband got stuck flying Thanksgiving day) so she wouldn't be alone too.

This race has great potential. There’s no running event this large on the south side of town. I really hope the organizers get it together for next year and people give it a second chance. Overall I felt my 5K was pretty solid, and running the 10K afterwards made me feel a little more accomplished for the day.

5k Stats:
Time: 21:03
Pace: 6:46/mi
Overall: ?
Gender: 2/?
A/G: 2/?

10K Stats:
Time: 47:42
Pace: 7:40/mi
Overall: ?
Gender: 3/?
A/G: 1/?


  1. Nice job!!! Sounds like you had a good time and made the right decision to run both!

  2. Congrats on your race. Great time.