Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Need Your Help Y'all

I was planning to run a 10k on Thursday. I'm feeling pretty good about a new PR. I think I've got more room for improvement here than the 5k.

But today I see this. I'm all conflicted. What's a Type A person to do?

(Edit: They are 2 seperate races. The 5k is at 8:00, the 10K starts at 8:30.)


  1. I would be tempted to do both because it is a good deal, like buy on get one half off, but I would probably only try to race one of the distances. Either use the 5K as a warm-up or race the 5K and then run the 10K for fun. You're more of a rockstar than I am though. You can probably place in the 5K while still holding back!

  2. Thanks Brit :) But they're anticipating about 3,000 runners, so I'll be aiming for just personal satisfaction. If I do both, I'd race the 5k all out, then give the 10K whatever's left over.

    I did a similar double back in March and used the 10K as a chance to run with Emily and get in some extra mileage.

    I'm curious to see what I can do in the 10k. But of course if there's something harder, I feel the need to do it. I may just flip a coin to decide.

    I can't believe they get so many people to do the "Goofy Challenge" each year at Disney. Now that's some crazy stuff.

  3. I'd just do the 10K personally. And this is coming from one of those crazy people that has done the Goofy Challenge. ;-)

    Doing them back to back on the same day is the crazy part I think...only about a 10 minute rest before you have to go run a 10K?

  4. I think you want to do both, so go for it! :)

  5. do it! I love combo races like that...