Friday, October 15, 2010

One of These Things is Not Like the Others

To answer Shelby's question, my shoe of choice is the Saucony ProGrid Ride.

I picked up my latest pair at Big Peach when I was registering for their 10K a few weeks ago.

Instead of trying to hoard the last of the Ride 2's on the market (which would be the typical modus operandi for this creature of habit), I threw caution to the wind and bought the latest edition Ride 3's.

My current shoes have logged somewhere around 500 miles, but I'm waiting until November 1st to start wearing the new pair . Why wait? No good reason, it just feels right to start off a new month with new shoes.

How often do you replace your shoes?

Ever been heartbroken by a discontinued style?


  1. I hate it when shoes get discontinued! I really liked Brooks Adreneline 9, but have to make do with the 10s.

    I usually run two half-marathons a year and replace my shoes after each.

    Are you coming to the blogger dinner in two weeks? I can see if I can find another Kabocha squash and bring it if you are! Although I might get some weird looks walking in with a squash!

  2. So it'll be easy to find you, just look for the lady with a squash sticking out of her purse. Hehe, I'm looking forward to meeting everyone.

  3. asics kayanos. each year they get better. I also train in 2100 series only b/c they're about 30% cheaper. this year i've run 850 miles.

    i rotate them out, i laced on my 6th pair of shoes this year this past week. 2 have very low miles, 2 are getting punished and 2 are done.