Friday, October 8, 2010

Mama's Bag of Tricks

It’s a three day weekend for me, so you know that means we’re traveling. Here’s my bag of goodies for the plane.

• Lysol wipes
• Tissues, washcloth, change of clothes
• 5 (easily accessible) diapers for a 2 hour flight, a few emergency ones stashed in my other carry-on
• Baby wipes
• Plastic baggies for dirty diapers
• Stickers
• Washable crayons
• Blank paper (and scotch tape to keep it on the tray table)
• Books
• Blankie
• “Princess necklaces” – to a toddler there’s no bigger prize for good behavior
• Ipod
• Sippy cup
• Snackage

What I’ll purchase before boarding:
• Bottle of water
• Bottle of apple juice
• Yogurt
• Fruit salad

I could (and have) carried these things through the ATL family security lane, but it’s just easier to buy them on the other side.

Since we’ll be flying at the bewitching hour, I’m bringing this in case of emergency.

If you’re the perfect mommy, may you cast the first stone

I've never given her Benadryl before, nor do I want to give it to her. Papa's going to be attending to more important business (and probably thanking his lucky stars for steel reinforced doors) if she throws a tantrum, so I'll be on my own if she decides to go all ninja on me. Ignoring it, or putting her in time out, isn't an option here.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. But we have our bag of tricks to work through first. Anyone have other advice?

What works for you when you're traveling by yourself or with little ones?

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