Friday, October 29, 2010

File Under Miscellaneous

Some random things from yesterday's run:

1) I’ve gone old school. More times than not, I go running without my Ipod now. It’s nice being free of the bulky armband and headphone wires.

2) The last time I added any new music to my Ipod was sometime in early 2008. I had an Itunes gift card that I received for Christmas. About 85% of my mp3 collection is over 10 years old and came from from a place that starts with an N and ends with a ster. I’m content being stuck in the late 90’s.

3) Cliché as it is, two of my power songs are Running Down a Dream by Tom Petty and Eye of the Tiger. My all time power song is B.O.B by Outkast.

4) The answer to small wrists and a big Garmin- sweatbands. I was actually getting a bruise on my wristbone from the watch banging into it. All better now.

5) Sniff, sniff, what’s that smell? Yuck, my favorite tech top.

I know we all wash our running gear immediately after finishing a workout, but regular detergent doesn’t always cut it. It's ok, stank happens even to those of us who just “glisten”.

A cup of white vinegar in the wash cycle, along with your regular detergent, works like magic to get the musty smell out of running clothes.

Only top shelf brands for this family

I'd be mortified if anyone ever saw my full playlist. Highlights include the theme song to The Greatest American Hero and Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now by Starship. Care to share any of goodies hidden on your playlist?


  1. This is even more cliche, but one of my power songs is the theme from Chariots of Fire.

  2. If anyone ever say my playlist I am sure they could make fun of me for years! Last year I made a christmas playlist and I can't figure out how to play it on shuffle without shuffling in the christmas tunes too. I end up listening to christmas tunes just about every run. Lol. Thanks for the tip on the vinegar. Much cheaper than some of the sport detergents!

  3. Haha! I love the Greatest American Hero! Nice pick! There's this 80's movie called Rad that I used to watch with my best friend and our siblings and it's about BMX biking. I have about 3 songs from that movie on my running playlist that are completely cheesy, but actually kind of motivating in the same way Eye of the Tiger is :)

  4. Ha, B.O.B. is also my all-time favorite! Other than that, I (shamefully) have Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Taylor Swift, etc. And ditto on the vinegar! It's super cheap and works wonders!

  5. My shuffle is FULL of 90's pop music and 70's rock. It's cheesy, and I know every word to every song. :-/ Plus, for kicks and giggles, a little Justin Bieber. Whew....glad to have that off my chest.

  6. Playlist? What's that? LOL. I got my first iPod in July and have yet up upload any music to it. I did manage to get a few lectures on there from a CD my manager at work gave me to study for a professional certification though.

  7. I haven't gotten on the Bieber bandwagon yet, but it's only a matter of time.

    Sarah, seriously? Your first Ipod in July? I'm not much of a gadgets person either, I still have a cell phone that makes calls, that's about it.

    Karen, I dowloaded a free christmas album last year off Itunes and it got mixed into my regular playlist as well. I've been too lazy to remove it. It'll be appropriate in a few more weeks though.

  8. OMG everything about this made me laugh. I finally decided I needed to update my ipod and stop wearing my over the head earphones just this year

  9. a better option, but not as inexpensive is the garmin quick release wrist strap.

    it's meant for transitioning from bike to run, but i found the velcro much more comfortable than the strap it came with.

  10. OMG everything about this made me laugh. I finally decided I needed to update my ipod and stop wearing my over the head earphones just this year