Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Do Declare

September to be 10K Race Appreciation Month. To honor this occasion, I participated in another one this weekend (sans stroller).

The 10k race M’s family helps organize was on Saturday. M left for NY with Emily earlier in the week to work with the volunteers and start setting things up, and I joined them later in the week.

Friday's mission

We invited a good pilot friend of ours to visit NY for the weekend and run the race too. I was happy to have him as my traveling companion on Friday afternoon because we had to get creative with our travel plans. What should have been an easy direct flight to NY quickly changed, and before we knew it we were scrambling to get on any flight headed north of the Mason-Dixon. I’ll spare you the gory details, but in addition to a flight, our trip included paying for a pricey car service and taking a 2 hour train ride with 3 different connections. Instead of getting to NY at 2pm, we got there at 11pm. Once again proving there’s no such thing as a free ride.

But we made it.

A little short on sleep, my day started at 5am with a quick breakfast of PB toast and Powerade Zero. Then we were off to stage the race.

The banner hanging summit


Before the race, a small memorial near the starting line was dedicated to M’s late dad and uncle.

Disclaimer: Parts this post were purposefully left vague. If you’re interested in stalking me, I’m sure you could triangulate my identity. However, to respect the privacy and safety of my family, I prefer not to simply hand out that info.

5,600 runners and walkers showed up. There were some big names here.

Mohamed Trafeh (a top finisher of this year’s Peachtree Road Race, and 3rd place in the NYC 1/2 marathon) won the race in a time of 29:22. Magdalena Boulet won the women’s field with a time of 33:59.

My race strategy (or lack there of) got me in trouble. Strategically, this had to be the worst race I’ve run in a long time.

To put it sucked. I was over eager and pushed the first 3 miles too hard, a big mistake since that’s also where the most difficult hills were. The split for my first mile was 6:32. Did I mention over eager? By the time I hit the 4th mile marker, I was just trying to hold on. I can’t wait to see what a hot mess I look like in the race photos.

I finished in 46:13. That’s a little over a minute and a half faster than my time from last year (my first race after having Emily). Despite my lack of training over the summer I managed to improve my time, but that’s only 11 seconds per mile faster than the pace of my last half marathon in March. Boo. FWIW, it's known to be a difficult course.

So here's the deal, my new goal is to run a 10k in under 45 minutes before my 30th B-day in a few months.

We wrapped up the weekend by watching the parade downtown.

Can she stay this small forever?

Chip time: 46:11
Pace: 7:27/mi
Overall: 344/ 4700
Gender: 57/ 2039
AG: 15/274


  1. I had dinner with a few friends the other night who also ran the Big Peach. They mentioned getting passed around mile 5 by this mom cruising with her jogging stroller...and quickly mentioned that their next goal is to not let you beat them next time!!! They were totally in awe of how fast you ran WITH A BABY! Way to go! (BTW...I'm meinschatz11 from TheNest)

  2. I always go out too fast, so this is a familiar story to me. Ha.

    Good luck on the sub-45 - I have no doubt that you can do it!!

  3. Lol, that's too funny Lauren. Are you going to run the Big Peach 5 miler ocming up in a couple weeks?

    Thanks Shelby :) I gotta take care of business now, before I move up to the next age group. As you know, it's even more competitive.

  4. No, I'm in my final weeks of the half marathon training. But I'll be volunteering at the Silver Comet Race Oct. 30th. Are you running that one?

  5. I always go out too fast, so this is a familiar story to me. Ha.

    Good luck on the sub-45 - I have no doubt that you can do it!!