Sunday, July 11, 2010

Going to the Chapel

Saturday started off with my longest run since the beginning of May.

It took me 55 minutes, and I followed it up with some elliptical work for 15.

The only thing about this treadmill I'm no so crazy about is the blinding blueness of the display. I use my towel to protect my retinas from being scorched.

Saturday night I got to attend my first wedding in Atlanta! Weddings vary by region, and I was excited to check out the "tradition" here.

Me like cake.

M couldn't trade his trip like we thought he'd be able to (what's new), so the girls were on our own. I'm used to epic long sit-down dinners at NY weddings (cross your fingers that the bride and groom put a lot of thought into the seating chart), which made me hesitant about bringing the kiddo. The bride and groom insisted (they're airline peeps too and sympathetic to the plight). After struggling for a week to find a babysitter and still SOL, I was not one to argue.

The reception was at a nice country club. It was very pretty and the couple was too cute.

I felt like there were a bazillion pictures being taken all night. Apparently I didn't take that many though. Sorry, this is the best I got. I don't neglect cake.

I was surprised there were only hors d'oeuvers, drinks, and cake. Is that a standard southern reception? I don't think we could have lasted though a full meal anyway. Me and my little dancing queen had time to hit the dance floor, but still made it home early enough to prevent her inner tasmanian devil from emerging.

Yes ma'am, we had us a good time.

What's your vision of a "traditional wedding"?


  1. I'll just add...we decided to have a big wedding, but my brother went to the courthouse. I know it's still up to the taste of the individual.

  2. Hmm. "Traditional" wedding? Probably church wedding, reception at some type of hotel or reception hall, drinks, then sit down dinner...

    We *wanted* to get married in Mexico...but no dice. Oh well, there's always vow renewal!

  3. Another thing I found interesting was the gift table was filled with wrapped boxes. Up north, usually you give something off the registry as a shower present, and then money as the gift at the wedding. I was afraid my little ol' envelope was going to get lost amongst all the other gifts.

  4. I think it varies by the wedding, whereever you are. However, as a life long GA girl, I can say that on average, I find that the typical GA Wedding is a church ceremony with a reception at a country club or reception hall, either buffet(sp?!) or sit down dinner.

    JMHO :) p.s. I LOVE your blog name :) foreveriloveatlanta.

  5. Speaking on behalf of the midwestern contingent that reads your blog, I have to say that it varies greatly based on the couple, but that most weddings are some sort of meal (whether it be sit-down formal or buffet casual). I did go to an appetizer wedding, but they did give everyone a heads-up on the invitation that it would be appetizers.

    I love your blog, by the way! :-)

  6. Thanks Em! I can't get enough of your blog either.