Thursday, July 8, 2010

Finding the Love?

Newsflash: I hate swimming. Especially lake swimming.

I love our view. Quite serene isn’t it?

But you'll never see me step foot in there. What is that at the bottom and why is it so slimy? ew ,ew, ew

Peer pressure from our party guests (ok, and a couple drinks) convinced me to go in for the first time in the two summers we’ve lived here.

It wasn’t so bad. Having water shoes and a floatie helped.


I really want to like swimming. It’s the perfect form of cardio, but I can’t find the love. I hate the feeling of water in my nose and ears. Plus, lakes skeeve me out, and so do public pools . They’re like being in a giant dirty bathtub. The ocean, equally as dirty and filled with the creepiest of crawliests, doesn’t bother me for some reason. Go figure.

Yes, I’m a weirdo like that. Let the ridicule begin....NOW

What’s one activity you want to like but just can’t? If you’ve come to love an activity you formerly hated, how’d you do it?


  1. Golf. BORING, BORING, BORING and DIFFICULT. My friend recently took up swimming. She would never get her head wet. She started using earplugs ( and a noseplug. I guess it works for her, but I could never swim with a nose plug!

    I used to HATE running! Until I just started doing it more than twice a week and started seeing an improvement in my times.

  2. Hey!
    It's Mrs.NGM from the nest. I am so with you on hating lakes...and not caring much for swimming come to think! We used to live right across the street from one and I wouldn't consider swimming in it. I hate all the grossness that's at the bottom. And it's not like I'm much of a swimmer...I never did figure out how to dive because I hated getting water up my nose!

  3. I love to a pool!! I HATE seaweed/lake weeds and HATE swimming in a lake. I freak out if that gross stuff growing up from the bottom touches my foot.

  4. Rollercoasters. I wish I could just be brave & let go. But I can't.

  5. I would love to like far, just CANNOT get into it!