Saturday, June 12, 2010

Little Ears are Listening

Even when you don't think they are.

Wow, thank you for all your comments. Seems like all of us can recall that point in time when the size of our thighs suddenly mattered to us. For some of you it was even earlier than I would have expected :(

“Fat talk" is too common in many households, so I give my parents credit for how they raised us. They taught us to eat right and kept us involved in activities. To this day, I’ve never heard them make disparaging comments about their weight or appearance, nor did they ever put pressure on me or my brother to look a certain way.

But then again no one in my family has really struggled with our weight, so maybe that’s why? 

Both my parents are in the medical profession and know how to care for themselves. I had the advantage there. What's a kid to do when they have all the wrong influences at home? Who do you think is a role model of health?

Still I wasn't immune. My size awakening was at the end of 6th grade. That’s when me and my friends decided we’d get salads everyday for lunch as part of our “diet” to get bikini ready for summer break. I mean, isn't that what you supposed to do? I don’t know where we got that idea, but I think it’s also about the same time we discovered Teen magazine.

And now I have the internet to contend with too. Ay dos mio. 

M already got the stink eye and a kick to the shin. Time for a deeper conversation this week.

Get outside an play! It's good for ya

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