Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Day of Rest

Happy Easter ya'll!

We tried a new church this morning (yes, we're those people). We've tried churches at various points around the perimeter since we moved here, but never found a good fit for us. I've wanted try one that's near our house since we moved here, but was afraid to go by myself with E. I was paranoid that she'd act up and we'd make a scene. With my trusty assistant at home, today was our chance.

I really liked the sermon and people we met. E sat peacefully between us, taking in everything going on around her. And when in doubt, keep extra Cheerios on hand. They'll tame the most savage toddler.

Turns out the pastor's wife is a flight attendant....think that's a sign? He made a point during the sermon that despite all your planning, God will put you where your service is needed most...i.e his wife was stuck in Miami on a trip over Easter.

Today's exercise entails hunting for Easter eggs and spending time with the fam.

I'm not training for anything in particular at the moment, so there were no time/distance goals for the week. I did whatever I felt like for the day once I got on the road.

Here's what the week looked like:

Monday: off
Tuesday: 6 mi run @ 7:42/mi
Wednesday: 7 mi run @7:40/mi
Thursday: 5 mi run @ 7:51/mi
Friday: 4 mi run @ 7:37/mi, Ab Ripper X
Saturday: 5 mi run w/ stroller @ 8:32/mi, 35 min elliptical
Sunday: off

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