Monday, March 8, 2010

Race Dilema -WWYD?

The weather was warm and balmy Atlanta, and M’s trip got cancelled so he was home all weekend. It was fantastic. M had his own list of chores to catch up on, so I took E running with me as usual on Saturday. I was hoping to duplicate my long(ish) run from last week. Instead I had what was probably my best stroller run to date…. 8 miles pushing E at 8:18/mile pace.

Which brings me to this dilemma…

Last minute my mom decided she’s able to visit for a few days when M starts his next trip later this week. (I could use the help. I’d to clean out our closets and get our house back in order. Difficult when you have a toddler pulling everything back out of the box as soon as you put it in).

I’m registered to run a 10K on Sunday. I was psyched because it should be a decent sized race and they’re allowing jogging strollers. My original plan was to run with E. So now for the decision, do I let my mom keep E on the sidelines while I run the race for real?

I’ve been consistently finishing 10K-distance training runs in the 46-47 minute range, and would love to see how much improvement I’ve made since my 10K in September. Perhaps get down to 44-45 minutes? This would probably allow me to place, at least in my age group anyway. If I did, it would be a huge confidence boost for the ING Georgia Half marathon the following weekend. But if I don’t, I know I’ll be disappointed. Either way I won’t be left wondering what if?

I also get a kick out of racing with E, and my opportunities to race with her are as rare as my chances to race alone. Stroller Strides is one of the sponsors of the race, and I’d love to support the fact the race is allowing strollers on the course by running with one myself. There would be no pressure, it would be more of a warm up for the half.

Help me readers! What would you do in my place? Take it easy and have fun, or go for it and actually race?


  1. I say run with E in the stroller. Its the weekend before the half you have trained for, focus on that race. Plus since stroller races are bit more on the rare side, save that all out 10K for another weekend. That's my two cents. :-)

  2. I agree! With it being the weekend before the half save the extra gas for that race. Have fun with E and support the cause.

    Good luck and I'm so excited that race season is getting into full swing. Good luck!

  3. I agree- run with E! I think it is fabulous that this race supports moms who run.