Monday, March 29, 2010

Murphy's Law

2 pm - M leaves on a 4-day trip
8 pm - stuff breaks

As we're winding down for the night, I realize I hadn't heard the ice maker run in awhile. I check inside and the food's turning into a soggy mess.

With a screaming, teething toddler in the background, M talked me through the process of thawing the freezer coils. Sometimes when the freezer is too full it has a hard time defrosting itself and shuts off. We've had to do this before.

Manually defrosting the freezer takes some muscle. I had throw all my body weight into pulling it away from the wall, and crossed my fingers it wouldn't topple over on me. I could envision the scene- the fridge on its side with just an arm, maybe a leg, and a blond pony tail sticking out from underneath it. But a few good tugs, and it was far enough away from the wall for me to work.

After the power was disconnected (critical step), I used a screwdriver to remove the inside back panel, covered the floor with towels, and went to town with a blow dryer to melt the accumulated ice. 

Then I plugged the fridge back in and...TADA!, nothing.

Only thing left to do was to put the frozen food in a cooler and drive it over to our neighbor's house to keep in their freezer. Then I ran to a convenience store and picked up 5 bags of ice to keep the rest of the contents of the refrigerator chilled. All the while E was screaming in her carseat.

Sometime around 11:30 we both made it to sleep.

Nothing like a relaxing Sunday night.


  1. ugh... I don't envy you. Hang in there! Hopefully that is the only bump in the road.

  2. I feel ya, I've had to deal with ants, a broken sprinkler system, and a dead Xbox so far since Greg's been gone at ground school! The freezer problem sounds worse though! Hang in there!