Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ipod, Do you?

I have no problems with runners wearing Ipods during a race, especially for anything over 10K. That’s a long time to be listening to your own footsteps. 

The safety issue…. Really, can’t you manage to avoid colliding into something while listening to the Black Eyed Peas through headphones? I know they’re a talented group and all, but common. This is also the country that puts warnings on hot cups of coffee. Darwinism at it’s finest.

Until recently I would have panicked if you told me I couldn’t run with music, but I don’t wear my Ipod on runs with E, and I’ve gotten used to not having it. I fiddle with it too much while I’m running, and frankly, I’m getting sick of the tunes loaded on there.

They were strict about enforcing the no-Ipod rule at the half-marathon I ran in October, and I survived without it. Think I’ll go old-school and try it again this weekend.

Maybe I’ll come up with the next best invention since the Snuggie while I’m lost in my thoughts.

Breaking free from my hot pink ball and chain.



  1. I don't, but mostly because I get annoyed with the earbuds shifting around all the time and having to fiddle with them. I can't think of any race I've run where they would have been a safety issue since they were all on closed courses.

  2. The earbuds can be annoying sometimes for me too. But I think I will have my iPod with me. Runblondie - are you taking marta to the race? I can't decide.

  3. Next year we will. We actually got stuck in a parking lot that was blocked by the race route once it started. We drove up a dirt embankment to get to the open street on the opposite side of the lot...shhh.

  4. I am anti-iPod at races. I have worn them to a couple races and hated it. I wear it for training runs but at races I feel so disconnected from the race when I wear it. I like interacting with the other runners, thanking the volunteers and hearing the crowd support.