Sunday, March 28, 2010


What I paid for pictures from my last two races. That got me 2 5x7's prints from my half-marathon, and a jpeg download from my St.Paddy's 10K. Three stinkin' pictures for $42.95.

Sure my hair looks like I put my finger in a socket. And who knew my face was that jiggly? I'm not going to put them on the mantel or anything, but I'd look back on them in 20 years and be like, Damn girl, you're so much faster now than you were back then. One can always hope :)

Plus, I want to share them with E. She's still too young to remember.

The 10K pic

Here's how my week looked workout-wise:

Monday: off
Tuesday: 6.48 mi @7:40 pace (the recovery run that wasn't)*
Wednesday: 7 mi w/ stroller @ 8:48 pace
Thursday: off
Friday: 70 mins elliptical, Ab Ripper X
Saturday: off
Sunday: 35 min run w/ stroller, 35 min elliptical (just wore Polar HRM)

* Tuesday was supposed to be recovery run.....7 miles @ 9:00 pace. The plan was for M to pick up E at daycare on his way home from the airport, but he never called to tell me he landed in Atlanta. By 5:30 I started to panic that he wouldn't make it there by closing time. so I high-tailed it back to the house. He was already there waiting for me with the kiddo and a pizza. I love that man.

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  1. I like your 10k picture! Yeah, I did not get any from the ING, but I always look so bad in those pictures anyway. I only have 1 picture from a race and that is because DH bought it for me for our anniversary. I have to say, it's the best I have ever looked in a race, but that's not saying much. :)