Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Year, Back to the Same Old Stuff

Back to reality last week as we returned to work. M and I were both off from Christmas through New Years. He’s been working weekends for the past few months, so it was a lot of fun spending all that time together.

It was wicked cold all last week in Atlanta, but I managed to get in 5 workouts for the week. Only one was outside though, the rest were on the elliptical. I made time for a run on Thursday before picking E up from daycare. It was only 6 miles, but in the SNOW. I miss snow. It wasn’t sticking to the ground yet, but was coming down hard. I bundled up and hit the road with the limited amount of time I had.

I flew up to NJ with E this weekend were it was actually a few degrees warmer than Atlanta. Crazy. It was for the engagement party/bridal shower my parents threw for my brother and sister in law. My mom didn’t think it was right they should have to miss out. Remember they got married back in October in a courthouse ceremony, so they're doing things out of order. SIL in the final stages of receiving her citizenship. They still plan on having a formal reception later this spring to celebrate once it’s all complete.

It’s amazing how different travel is during the “off season”. We were already cleared by the time we reached the gate and had bulk head seats (next to each other I might add!) both ways. No stress at all. Sometimes these weekend trips can turn into a fiasco, especially when I’m traveling alone with E and the 1,000 pounds of requisite baby gear.

M’s getting ready to leave for his friend’s WEEK LONG bachelor party in Lake Tahoe in a few days. More commentary on that situation to later this week….

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