Sunday, January 3, 2010

My New Garmin & Looking Ahead to 2010 Races

Meet my new running gadget, the Garmin 305 Forerunner. I've wanted it for months, but resisted the urge to buy it for myself. I knew M was giving it to me as a Christmas present ( I told him where to buy it, lol), and the anticipation made it even more exciting to finally receive it. I've run with it the past week, but haven't played with all the features yet, like programming it to guide me through my own interval workouts.

Being able to track my mileage, pace, heart rate and calorie burn is cool, especially for a type-A person like myself. The watch syncs with the computer to store the workout data, complete with a graphical analysis of each stat. Knowing myself, this tool has the potential become a burden if I let it. Each workout will turn into a race to beat my previous runs' stats. After I establish a few new running routes, I think I'll limit myself to wearing only once or twice a week. It's pretty friggin' sweet though. A more in depth review still to come.

Well, I'm at my "fighting weight" again. I'm happy to say between Thanksgiving and New Year's I lost 8 pounds. Part of it was being sick (which I really could have done without), but I also attribute it to rushing around to get holiday stuff done, eating well, and exercising consistently the rest of the time. The baby weight came off quickly (it was gone, plus an additional 5, by my first post-partum appointment), but the remaining 15 pounds I put on during our fertility treatments was a BATTLE. This was the last little bit I had to lose. I feel better and all my clothes fit again. A good way to start off the year.

So there are no excuses why 2010 can't be a year of PR's. As I've mentioned before, I still plan to focus mainly on 10k's and half marathons. My formal resolution for the new year is to do at least four core workouts a week. I've been doing one or two a week, if that. If I hit the snooze button one less time in the morning, that's all the time I need to accomplish this goal.

I don't foresee running any full marathons in 2010. I still have the "been there, done that" feeling about it, so the necessary desire isn't there. Many marathoners will set a goal of qualifying for the Boston marathon. I've done that twice and have experienced the thrill of running Boston. I feel like I've already conquered 26.2 to the extent my capabilities will allow, so I'd be running another marathon just to say I did. Not really a motivator anymore. When me and the kid(s) are older, I'm sure I'll have a renewed interest to try it again. For now, it's not worth the time I (we) would have to sacrifice in order to train for one.

2009 was good to our family, and I pray the upcoming year will be as well. Welcome 2010!


  1. What an excellent kick-off to 2010. Being a marathoner is such a big sacrifice when you have a family, but it is great that you are still excited about running the shorter distances.

    Congrats and good luck!

  2. I have the 405 and love it! Once you start running with it, you will wonder how you ran without it. :) Congrats on starting 2010 on a positive note. We should get together and do a race this year.