Saturday, February 6, 2010

Monday Eating

Liquids for the work day (64oz)

Breakfast: light yogurt, small macintosh apple, kashi bar, 16oz black instant coffee

..and there was a second 16oz cup of coffee after the first one was finished

Snack: peanut butter crackers

Lunch: Progresso Light Chicken rotini soup, small honeycrisp apple, Thomas' english muffin w/ 2 tbsp Skippy peanut butter

Dinner: chicken breast w/ capers & lowfat lemon piccata sauce, roasted brussel sprouts, herbed brown rice and quinoa

My plate is on the left, M's plate is on the right

His portion really is larger than mine. The size of the plates helps fool you though, doesn't it?

9:00 Snack: decaf raspberry green tea, 2 squares Ghirardelli chocolate

Exercise: Nothing. We did our taxes instead. Another chore off the list!

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