Saturday, May 30, 2009

E's New Toy = FAIL

I can tell E's getting frustrated with her bouncer and swing. She squirms and tries to pull herself out so she can see what's going on around her. Since M had a rough trip last night and needed some sleep, I thought this morning would be the perfect time to take Little E cruisin' around BRU for something new.

After spending about an hour there looking at the fancy schmancy jumperoos and exersaucers, I settled on a simple doorway jumper. The last thing we need right now is more clutter, and I figured this would be easy to store when not in use. It didn't turn out to be quite what I hoped.

Yes, I had one of these as a kid and I survived. I'm even told that I really liked it. But geez, this thing an accident waiting to happen. I know we're overly cautious in the United States (mainly because we're overly litigious as well), but I can't believe they still sell these things. E keep getting her head twisted in between the ropes on the sides. Then if she started to lean too far forward I had to stand her up again to stop her from tipping onto the floor.

Looks like it's back to BRU tomorrow with receipt in hand to get something else.

Friday, May 29, 2009

New Toys

It’s here! My new elliptical was delivered last night. I finally broke M down and convinced him to let me get one for the house. The concern wasn’t that it won’t be used, but that I’ll use it too much. With it being so convenient now, I had to promise M that I wouldn’t overdo it.

I can always run outside for free, and prefer that to the treadmill any day. I mainly went to the gym to use the elliptical machine. Since I dropped my gym membership in February, I'm able to rationalize the purchase knowing it'll pay for itself in 3 years with the money I’m saving. E can hang out next to me while I use it, and I don’t have to waste time packing my stuff and driving back and forth to the gym. It’s a win-win for everyone in my opinion.

In reality I think M conceded because he’s trying to building an argument for buying a small sailboat. For weeks now he’s been eyeing a kit online that allows you to build your own. He talks about it incessantly. We live on a lake, so it's only proper that we get a boat eventually. There are only about 1,001 projects I’d like to work on around the house first.

I do think it would be pretty cool to build our own boat though. Maybe it can be our winter project this year. We’ll see. First we have to finish unpacking our moving boxes so we even have a place to work.

Here's pic of my new toy! It's a Spirit Fitness XE700

Monday, May 25, 2009

Returning to "Runblondie26"

I always like learning the story behind the names people choose for their online persona. Runblondie26 is the user name I adopted about 6 years ago. It's origin is pretty straight forward. I'm blonde, running is one of my passions, and the marathon (26.2 miles) is my preferred event.

Since having E almost 4 months ago, one of my biggest goals has been to get back into shape. Before I got pregnant I was running 50-60 miles a week, plus cross-training and weight lifting at the gym for another 5-6 hours. Now each week I'm lucky to go running 3-4
 times and weight lift maybe once or twice. The amount I was working out before was a little over-zealous and was actually starting to cause some adverse health effects. I'm trying to strike a good balance this time while regaining some of my former fitness. Fortunately I have enough to keep me busy now to prevent me from overdoing it. I've accepted that I don't need to always be training for a marathon. Maybe just half-marathons.....

My biggest baby item splurge to date has been a good quality jogging stroller, so I can take E with me when I go running. Her car seat snaps into the stroller and she faces me while we run. We have a good time "talking" and singing to each other while we're out. 

I was a little eager for her to try it out when I first assembled it. The car seat adapter arrived a couple days later. As you can see Emily still has quite a way to go before she can ride without the infant seat.  Despite the look of apprehension, she really does like it now.

Bloggin' in the ATL

I've been resistant to join in the blogging craze.   Do I really want people to know what we do on a daily basis? More importantly, does anyone even care?

Well now that Little E has arrived, it's certainly not about us anymore. Since we live 1,000 miles away from our closest friends and family, keeping a blog is the easiest way to keep everyone updated on the baby and what's going on in our lives.

For those of you unfamiliar with how we ended up in Atlanta, here's a quick recap. 

Shortly after our wedding and M's graduation from Embry Riddle in 2006, we moved to Ft. Lauderdale for M to pursue a career with a cargo company. When the company went bust a few months later, he was recruited by another airline based out of Atlanta. 

M commuted back and forth for most of 2007, then we decided it was time for me to make the move to Atlanta too. We shared a house with 5 other people for a year (another story for another day), before buying a home of our own this past November.  Little E made her debut in February, and now the couple has expanded to be a family of three.

I'll always be a Jersey Girl at heart, and you can't shake the New York attitude out of M, but we're trying to embrace the south and all it has to offer.  Now I hope you'll share in our adventures too.