Saturday, December 5, 2009

Today's 5K Race - We Jingled All the Way

Normally I wouldn't bother running a 5K with E. It's too short of a distance, and I can't run fast enough with the stroller to really be competitive. Today's "Jingle Jog" was scheduled at decent time in the afternoon in order to precede the tree lighting and Christmas parade downtown. M was working today so it was my job to entertain the kiddo, and I thought she'd really enjoy that part. Since we were already going to be there anyway, it wasn't any trouble to throw in the race as well. I thought I'd give it a shot.

We had snow flurries this morning in Atlanta! It was an unseasonably brisk day, but the sun was shining. There was a wind so strong at the start of the race it took my breath away. I had the kiddo wrapped up really well in 2 layers of fleece, plus a Bundle Me, and a blanket so she was snug and content. I love listening to her giggle when we go roll over bumps. She's my sweetie alright.

I got some fun comments along the way. Most of them were the standard ones like "Got a motor in that thing?" or "Can I hitch a ride?" A couple guys asked if I'd ditch the stroller before I crossed the finish line so their wives wouldn't see us. They'd never live down getting beaten by a stroller.

According to the announcer there were about 450 runners, but it was a family race so I'd say only about half that many were truly out to race. We finished in 37th place overall and 1st for my age group. My time of 24:58 is nothing for the record books, about 5 minutes off my PR, but it wasn't much of a struggle either. It's been about 2 months since my last solo race. I'm curious to know what I'm actually capable of running at this point sans stroller.

Geez, I can't believe she has teeth in this picture. They grow-up so fast.

Time: 24:58
Pace: 8:02
Overall: 37 /?
AG: 1st /?