Thursday, December 10, 2009

My TV Reality


Confession, I’m a reality show junkie. I, myself, appeared on the WB show “Change of Heart” when I was in college…ya’ll remember that one don’t cha? The episode was pretty tame, and it was a fun experience, so I’ll own up to it. It makes for good cocktail party conversation. (I’m not holding out on you. I’d totally link to the episode if I could, but I can’t find it anywhere out there in cyberspace, lol). 

The Bachelor is one of my favorites. M teases me every time he talks to “my boy” Jake in the crew lounge. I always ask if he was able to get some details about the show. M tells me no, he doesn’t talk to Jake about the show because “he’s not gay like that”. Ok, whatever.

ABC has titled the season “On the Wings of Love”. Gag. I’m anxious to see how they portray his lifestyle on the show. What are they going to do to glam it up? In the promos they’ve been showing him in a generic uniform in front of corporate jet. I’m sure there will be plenty of conversations about fidelity on trips, if he dates flight attendants, etc. Are they going to divulge the realities of being a pilot (especially a regional), and that it’s not all Catch me if you Can?  TIVO space has already been allocated.

I caught the premier episode of Jersey Shore on MTV, but couldn’t stomach it to the end. That’s rare. I've got a tough stomach. Those people are not from around Jersey, they’re from another planet.

I like Heidi and Spencer on The Hills. I don’t think they’re bad people, it’s just a role they play. Reality shows are heavily manipulated by the producers and those two know how to work it for the camera. If MTV is willing to pay them six-figures an episode for their shenanigans, then more power to them.

Please don’t hold this information against me.


  1. Haha! I'm totally with ya, I'm a reality TV junkie too. I've seen every season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, so obviously I'll be watching this one! I fully expect Easy Cheese quality cheesiness! I'm also with ya on Jersey Shore- couldn't make it through an episode of that. I still like the Real World though after like 25 seasons or whatever we're up to now! I'm interested to see the upcoming one since it takes place in DC and I lived in that area for 6 years.

  2. Oh man, and I feel so old watching MTV too, but the remote seems to take me there all the time!