Friday, November 13, 2009

And the Jogging Stroller Takes the Lead

Jogging stroller - $350
Race Entry Fee - $35
The look on people's faces as a jogging stroller passes them - priceless

I’d been looking forward to this race since we moved into the neighborhood last year, and I was going to make it work somehow. M had the choice of having either this past weekend or Thanksgiving off, so he was away on a trip. The babysitter I had lined up was branded with the scarlet S at the last minute.

Fortunately I was able to contact the race director, and he was very accommodating. He agreed to allow jogging strollers on the course as long as they started at the back of the pack.

During the first mile I passed a group of women, and one of them was like “Whoa, we’re being passed by a stroller.” Then another one said “Yeah, let her go. She can’t keep that up.”

Oh, really now? We didn't get passed once.

Most people were supportive, and I got a lot of “Go Mamas” and high fives along the way. I noticed a bunch of random spectators taking pictures of us too. I guess we were sort of a novelty.

We rolled to a second place finish for my age group. Ok, so it was a small race, but still pretty cool considering I was racing for two. With the stroller and the rolling hills, I averaged at least a minute slower per mile than I normally would have for a 15K.

I look forward to making this race a tradition and running it with E again next year. She’s my best running partner ever.

I love this kid to pieces.

She provided the good looks, I just provided the muscle.


  1. Awesome! And what a great time too with your daughter!


  2. Awesome! And what a great time too with your daughter!


  3. You two are lovely! It's a small race but definitely a great achievement to celebrate. I can hear your baby cheering for you too! Great work! :)