Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Changes In Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes

I’ve noticed a marked shift in M’s attitude over the past month. As I discussed in an earlier post, he spent most of the summer stewing over the state of the airline industry and the lack of upward movement. I can tell he’s come around to fully appreciate the fact that he HAS A SEAT, and it’s with a company that treats him well (relatively speaking by industry standards). Not that he didn’t before appreciate it before, but I think it has really sunk in how fortunate he is. More of his buddies at different companies are hitting the streets with each round of furloughs.

We also have a new view on his flight school loan. Each month when that payment clears, we feel vindicated in our decision for him to train where he did. With the way the economy is, if he went the mom and pop route the only letters he’d have after his name right now would be CFI. Especially now that HR 3371 may go into law, it makes all the difference that he started building hours on a full-time basis when he did. You want to be on the right side of that line.

M’s also learning to stay away from the pilot forums. They’re toxic. The rumors and negative attitude rub off on him. I can always tell when he’s spent some time reading them by his mood. Have any other pilot wives else noticed that?

It helps that the routes get much better in the winter too. As long as a training captain doesn’t snake the trip, E and are joining him on his 2 long overnights in Florida this weekend. Hotels on A1A baby. Sure beats 36 hours in Peoria.

Time to say cheers with a glass half full.


  1. I agree with you...those pilot forums can be toxic! The only time I followed them closely was over the summer as the details of the pending TA between the airline and the union trickled out in little bits over a 2 month period. There's a lot of airline bashing, and rarely is it worth the morale slump that follows.

    I wish we felt vindicated when we pay out the student loans though. Between the two of us, we have 8 student loans. We're glad we shelled out the last bit of money for his jet transition course....but it's just another $400 per month that's painful to pay. In fact, his salary barely covers the loan payments and groceries. *sigh*

  2. Yep, there are the bad days when we ask ourselved why we did this, but we try to look for the silver lining with the training costs. If only the public knew....

  3. I was totally floored when he told me some companies don't pay their pilots for taxi time or a cancelled trip. Like they have control over the weather or ATC delays.

  4. Jumping in here a little late, but wanted to comment nonetheless. J stays away from the boards, but is an active poster on his company forum. I can't stand it! If you put your opinion out there, not everyone will agree with you and half the time it is not even about the airline! =) He gets so put out when someone disagrees with him. Dork.

    We will have the extra burden of student loans for years to come. ERAU, additional ratings at other flight schools, blech. Just tell him not to give in to the stress, it does get better with each hour and each upgrade. =)

  5. Also posting a comment kinda late, but wanted you to know that I too have a husband that spends countless hours pouring through online airline forums. Mine is furloughed and looking for any indications of when he'll get called back and/or other job opportunities that might be posted. He (and me from him talking my ear off about it all the time) knows waaaaay more than any human being should know about the state of the aviation industry and every point of view and opinion on it from reading the boards. I wish he'd give it a rest, but I know he won't.