Saturday, October 10, 2009

Inside Joke

This Saturday Night Live skit featuring Shia Lebeouf aired a couple seasons ago. It's not one of their better pieces, but it's become an inside joke around our house.

We still cling fiercely to our northern roots. I'm not saying it's better there, it's just very different. It's where we grew up, and it's where all our family and longtime friends live. It's the place we know and love.

November 1st will be the second anniversary of my move to Atlanta, and this December will make it 3 years for M. We still feel like visitors here.

Whenever we get the feeling of being out of place, one of us will slyly look at the other and say "Remember we're bringing that funky NY style to the streets of Decatur Georgia."

Always good for a quick laugh not only about our new home, but our old one too.

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