Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Only Wear My Finest Baby When I Travel

It seems that when traveling goes well, it goes really well. When it goes bad, it goes really bad. I’m happy to report our trip to NJ this weekend was a success! We packed a lot into a limited amount of time- 29 hours to be exact. It kills me that I can’t spend more time with my family, but I feel very blessed I can spend time with them at all.

My mom is still my best friend and shopping partner. She'll honestly tell me how my butt looks in pair of jeans, but not unless I ask first. The way it should be. We went out for lunch and she helped me pick out bunch of new winter clothes my wardrobe desperately needed. Every mother/daughter relationship has some issues (and we certainly have ours), but I hope to be as close with E one day. Which leads me to this aside….
I’m really starting to think she may be our one and only. The plan was to try for #2 once M upgraded to a new job, allowing me to stop working full-time and move closer to family. At the current rate things are moving, I’m going to be through menopause by the time that happens. I don't know how single moms keep it together. I’m struggling with one kid, a very easy-going one at that. I can’t imagine the hot mess I’d be with two (prime example below). I don’t know, ask me next Tuesday and I might have a different answer for you.

My back is sore from carrying E through the airport in the Bjorn. In addition to her dangling off the front of me, I had on a backpack filled with our stuff and her infant seat hooked over my arm. There’s a nice purple bruise where it kept banging into my hip. There were a few kind souls who offered to help me carry something, but I wasn’t looking for anyone’s help. We have our system (at least until she gets bigger), and I pride myself on being self-sufficient and quick through the airport. I did appreciate their kindness however, as so few people have any respect for their fellow travelers these days.

On the flight up, I was assigned a seat 10 rows away from E’s. The other NONREV assigned to the seat next to her gave me and the flight attendant attitude when we asked to trade. God forbid he should have to sit in a MIDDLE seat, WHICH HE DIDN’T PAY FOR ANYWAY. He was also sporting a lovely velour track suit. Some people could really use a refresher on the nonrev golden rule: Be discreet, gracious, and professional.

What a d-bag.

I found it rather amusing that I was asked to put her “shoes” in the bin with mine at the Atlanta airport. I feel so much safer knowing they screened an infant’s pair of soft-soled Robeez.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Training Updates - Mid October

It’s been a while since my last training update because there’s nothing that interesting to report. We’ve had a LOT of rain in Atlanta the past 2 weeks. With M on 4 day trips this month that means most of my training has been relegated to the elliptical. I’ve done the exact same workouts for the past 2 weeks. I’ve tried to make the most of my runs the few days I was able to make it out.

Monday: off
Tuesday: 8 mile run (8:10/mi pace)
Wednesday: 4 mile run (7:40/mi pace), 30 min elliptical
Thursday: pilates dvd, light weights
Friday: off
Saturday: 70 mins elliptical
Sunday: 70 min elliptical

Baby girl and I are headed to NJ this weekend for a quick trip to see my parents. Grandma can’t wait take her little sweet pea to the pumpkin patch. She’s been talking about it for weeks.

The half-marathon is next weekend. Nope, haven’t done a run over 8 miles in preparation. I’m not worried about finishing, but all bets are off as to how fast (slow) I’m going to run. My overall weekly mileage has been light, so I don’t want to go in with any expectations. I’m just going to have fun with it. It’s all about setting new benchmarks at this point.

If you take a look over at the sidebar, I’ve updated it some pictures from our trip to Amicalola Falls this past week...

Friday, October 16, 2009


Yup, I've got kidney stones. My urologist called last night with the results of my CT scan earlier this week. It appears that my issues (most likely) are not related to my bladder at all, but from stones in my kidneys. I'm relieved to know it's something fairly common and treatable.

I was pretty shocked by this news since I haven't had any pain. The post-exercise hematuria I mentioned in earlier posts has been the only tip-off that something’s amiss. From the stories I’ve heard about kidney stones, I thought I’d be in agonizing pain if I had them.

M’s first question was “Well what caused them, too much running?” I didn’t think to ask the doctor what may have caused them. I’ve heard a lot of women develop kidney stones while they’re pregnant, and assumed that was the reason.

My dad’s been pestering me to get checked out, so I called him next. He was also surprised by the news considering I’ve had no pain and don’t fit the risk criteria. He’s a doctor and said it’s probably dehydration that caused the kidney stones, although he’s not too familiar them (his specialty is far from the kidney). It would make sense that I started having problems at the end of a hot Georgia summer.

The hematuria is being caused by the stones bouncing around in my kidneys. So, while running in the heat and getting dehydrated may have helped the stones develop, if it weren’t for running I wouldn’t have known about the stones until they tried to pass. YIKES!

The urologist said it’s fine to keep running, I just need to drink a LOT of water. The stones are too large to be treated with medication, so I’m scheduled for a lithotripsy treatment next month. While I’m out, they’ll also do a cystoscope to check out my bladder one more time and insert a stent to help the fragments pass. Sounds awesome. Can't be worse than my HSG though. Hopefully one session is all I’ll need.

In the mean time runblondie will be chugging a lot of H20.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Inside Joke

This Saturday Night Live skit featuring Shia Lebeouf aired a couple seasons ago. It's not one of their better pieces, but it's become an inside joke around our house.

We still cling fiercely to our northern roots. I'm not saying it's better there, it's just very different. It's where we grew up, and it's where all our family and longtime friends live. It's the place we know and love.

November 1st will be the second anniversary of my move to Atlanta, and this December will make it 3 years for M. We still feel like visitors here.

Whenever we get the feeling of being out of place, one of us will slyly look at the other and say "Remember we're bringing that funky NY style to the streets of Decatur Georgia."

Always good for a quick laugh not only about our new home, but our old one too.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ken and Barbie Got Hitched

My brother and his girlfriend of 2 years got married. Surprise!

They got engaged last month, but I wasn't expecting a phone call today to say they officially tied the knot. She's from Moscow, and came to this country for grad school. Legally it made things easier for them to get married sooner rather than later.

Our parents will host a formal reception for them here in April, but a big white wedding extravaganza will be taking place in Russia this July. I've been told the wedding celebrations there go on for days and are filled with lots of drinking and dancing. I'm down with that.

She's really sweet and I'm excited to have a new sister. My little bro made a good catch. Oh, and she speaks for 4 languages. Looks like I have a new travel partner!