Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Training Updates 9/7-9/20

A double update since I didn’t post last week. Our 10K is this Saturday, and I'm really proud of M for his training efforts over the past few weeks.

Overall my mileage has been decent, but the frequency has been off. In the past, doing back to back workouts has enabled me to do long races despite not doing long training runs. The typical marathon training plan includes one 14-20 mile "long run" per week. In my experience running 7-10 miles a few days in a row (at a minimum of 75-85% max hr), is just as effective if not more so than doing "long runs".

Using this strategy, I don’t just condition myself to run fatigued, I condition myself to run fast (you know, relatively speaking) while fatigued.

Note: If you’re looking into becoming a marathon runner, I’d highly recommend checking out the Hanson S.O.S program . Similar philosphy to mine, but explained much better :)

Nowadays back to back workouts have become the exception, not the norm, so I plan to stick with half-marathons or less. For the sake of my family and my well-being, that makes for a good balance. Perhaps I should change my name to runblondie13.1?

Week of 9/7:
Monday: 7 mi run
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: off
Thursday: 8 mi run
Friday: off
Saturday: 7 mi run, 20 mins elliptical
Sunday: off

Week of 9/14:
Monday: off
Tuesday: 4 mi run, 30 mins elliptical
Wednesday: a home pilates dvd
Thursday: 7 mi run
Friday: off
Saturday: 8 mi tempo run    
  • 5 min warm-up
  • miles 1-6 @ 8:30
  • mile 7 @ 9:30
  • mile 8 @ 8:00
  • 5 min cool-down
  • Sunday: 4 mi run, hill repeats (100m x 8)

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