Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Big Peach Running Co.

Your feet grow when you’re pregnant. It’s fairly common. I knew about the swelling, but wasn’t privy to that piece of information. We traveled to a wedding when I was 25 weeks pregnant and the cute strappy heels I’d been saving for such an occasion weren’t so cute with my heels hanging off the back. I have a good excuse to buy shoes again.

I’ve gotten two new pairs of running shoes since I started my post-baby running, but neither pair was really doing it for me. Aside from being a ½ size larger, something was different and I couldn’t pinpoint it. Before I threw away money on another pair of shoes, I thought it’d be worth getting an outside opinion.

The first piece of advice a newbie runner usually gets is “go get fitted for shoes”, which I always though was bogus. The last time I bought shoes from a speciality running store was sometime in the late 90’s. The fit process meant that the store clerk took a look at my arches, pulled a few shoes from the storeroom, and watched my feet as I jogged around the parking lot to look for signs of under/over pronation. Then he’d charge me a premium for the shoe since it’s this season latest color.

The fit process has gone high-tech since then. First I stood on a special mat that detected the pressure areas on my feet and produced an imagine showing the type of arch I have......standard, medium height.

Next I ran on a treadmill while being video taped from behind from the knees down. We played it back in slow motion and saw that I land on the outside of my forefoot. However as my foot moves under my body I mildly pronate which is why my knees and IT band have been griping at me lately. This is something new, but it makes sense given my hips have gotten wider. The prescription, a shoe with a highly cushioned forefoot and light stability.

I tried on a few pairs that fit the description, and settled on the Saucony ProGrid Guide 2. I'm still breaking them in, but they feel good so far. Size 8, white and light blue, in case you’re starting your Christmas shopping early.

M went through the fit process as well and ended up with the men’s version of the same shoe. Yes, we’re sole mates. heh, heh

If you want to stop in the Big Peach Running Co. it’s pretty easy to find. There’s one Peachtree Street.

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